Monday, July 31, 2017

Firmly on the ground but to fly

There is a jolt I feel now when people talk about chasing your dreams, of mixed emotion. And think so often one can hear it like a mantra, but feel more like while people talk about YOUR dreams you should chase, more often you will find judgement based on theirs which to me is odd.

So would like to think that if I talk about YOUR dreams with you? Will at least give you the chance to share, if you wish, but only if you wish. And to me your success then becomes about your standards in finding that which you chose to define. And I have no right to judge.

However practical reality as human beings is that we do self-reference all the time. And the proper word is meta which got lost to other things maybe because people don't like to admit it.

Is it too honest to acknowledge how often you look at someone else through the prism of your own desires?

That sounds cool to me as am in a mood to write for writing's sake. Just to watch the words march across the screen. They're stumbling a bit, which to me is about emotion. There is so much FEELING in the subject of dreams. Why do we chase our dreams, in one sense, in contrast to what we can experience nightly in a different context? Musing to me is more appropriate. Though even there the word is rooted in other ways. Who is your muse?

Got a tweet want to put here but debating with myself. I wrote it one way, but wonder if should have been slightly different:

And here's the alternate, which would still be 140 characters exactly, if tweeted. Will fancy it up a bit too with italics:

Dreams define admitted or not 
actions speak better than words. 

Those chasing may find through trying a lot. 

Or best with actions deferred.

And with second version simply keep consistent with punctuation, as add the missing period from first part. Which required removing a comma, which could consider redundant.

Here's the thing though, as logical as that sounds? Am not sure which version is actually correct. Or did I leave that off with the original, on purpose? Was it some poetic instinct which was more valid than the reasoning which thinks it fixes?

Is up to the reader really. I can read one way, and others different. And THAT is what captures you, and why we end up worrying how others see our dreams. We are a communal species I tell myself, and it matters how people care about what you share.

Mostly it matters, when they do care, versus not caring at all.

Who you matter to, matters as much as the dreams. That word is so hard on me with writing, as matters to, fits so much better than anything else, says the creative part of me. But a judging part of me doesn't like the dangle.

Feels like am leaving something hanging.

James Harris

Saturday, July 29, 2017

My sharing philosophy

Like many have been endlessly fascinated by sharing opportunities of the modern web, and for instance, enjoy sharing something of interest I find across social media. But sometimes wonder how welcome that is from the source!

Since have shared ideas and other things like photographs here will note my sharing philosophy, which is share away at will as long as NOT commercial. To me commercial use is when someone gets return on the favor in the form of remuneration for a product or service received by strangers. If you get such where I made the effort, you are stealing. That is, you can freely share things here as you please, like make a PDF of a post and email, as long as that is for self or friends or even others as long as there's no money making involved as if you actually did any work.

Except for ideas for making money where don't care. Like ideas I think might make a business or product, if here, are freely given and I consider open source.

Seems simple to me.

Maybe not. Like I'm not interested in someone taking a photograph and sticking on a T-shirt, to profit from that work without sharing. But for some idea I have that could be a great company, maybe? Feel free. Can just take. I'm not even worried about attribution as blog post is still mine as source.

But also, just isn't much work involved in just coming up with some ideas and putting them out there versus what it takes to make a working product and have a successful business! So to me, you focus on where there is work involved. I put out ideas for fun.

And sharing on a community basis feels good. Is nice to know you have something that others like, for me at least.

Like if you like one of my photographs and think makes a cool background image? Feel free. I think some of them do too and have used that way, oh but I took the photo, so? It's more interesting to me if others appreciate and I simply reserve commercial use. And who knows, maybe will commercially license someday. So yeah I need to reserve those rights so is meaningful.

Also is only right.

Sharing things for community feel is great. Being exploited is not. People know when they're just part of a friendly sharing community appreciating things liked, or they're trying to use someone else at the disadvantage of that person.

My view is that old outdated notions around copyright need to be fixed for the modern age, and also recognize that most people, like me, so greatly appreciate the benefits of friendly sharing, they don't want it messed up.

And most people just wouldn't anyway as they're just decent people trying to live best they can in our modern world. Post is longer than I thought it would be. Probably lots repetitive in there. Ok.

Maybe isn't so simple as I thought when started typing. Like yeah, I want to give away ideas that could make money for someone, maybe but not photographs in certain contexts? Will ponder more. Oh, and yeah if I have a story idea? Well I don't know. Luckily haven't shared much of those.

Definitely worth figuring out. Glad I started this post so certain was simple, and typed something up, and posted, so now am considering more carefully as that is kind of how I do things.

Hammering out a sharing philosophy written down though. So cool. Surprised haven't done this much work on it before. Looks like am focusing on work as the core where will link back to Lost In Commentary where I define work functionally. Here's the key sentence though:

To me work is when a person provides a service under some kind of contract to some entity.

Here is link to post on Lost In Commentary. And I note there am NOT considering work from a science context, so excluded physics definition. So if I claim to be working on THIS post, who is under contract to whom? I'm working myself. Of course.

For THAT post felt like was just having fun. For this post feel like am working out necessary concepts which finally can clarify my position on intellectual property. Which is not so much fun as necessary.

James Harris

Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Pursuing ideas is a thrill

Chasing after ideas to me is hunting after something that cannot be hurt, like my idea that entertainment is about safely controlling mood. For me finding an idea like that is about a search which can kind of be relentless. And for me there is a massive thrill in that perspective.

And years ago as have explained went in pursuit of math ideas for lots of reasons but also without necessarily needing to succeed. The activity keeps the mind active, ran through a LOT of paper scribbling equations endlessly, but also could get little thrills here and there with some result, though often turned out to be a false one, early on.

That chasing perspective has kept it very exciting, and I realized you can have thrill seekers who can chase ideas relentlessly like I do just for that feeling.

Now with many ideas of my own where have felt a certain measure of pride in them, and sense of accomplishment, there is that comfort in knowing the ideas do not care. They cannot be hurt or even impacted in any way by that relentless chase. And though I may feel like I bagged them, it is just my imagination, safely, bringing into the creative process a point of view which in other arenas is very different.

My ideas are now scattered across 4 blogs, lots of other social media, a website for my open source project and other things might escape me as I type this post, and I routinely discuss something or other more than once, as look often to find some place other when an idea can work well.

For me? Ideas rule.

Of course the other irony is that ideas DO rule. Like the laws of physics are great ideas that rule our reality. The discoverers could imagine chasing after them maybe, but sure yes, Sir Isaac Newton first figured out potent ideas around gravity and Albert Einstein improved our understanding with his own, but regardless, those ideas are about what keeps us firmly on the ground.

Which is the other aspect of ideas with proper perspective, as yeah, they can help you stay grounded.

Am sure. Sounds good. Keeping it in here.

Though thankfully other ideas let us fly, and even go into space.

Love arguing with myself just a bit, as can help get the bigger picture. Ideas do rule, and hold us down, while letting us fly, and there is no contradiction there.

Pursuit of ideas though can take a HUGE amount of energy and relish putting the effort behind me, so can more often now think about what I found. And wonder how I found. Because more and more is a mystery to me. But it was SO much fun. Am so glad that pursuit of truth was such a dominating need.

James Harris

Monday, July 10, 2017

Thoughts on web sense and authority

A concept have been pondering recently is a sense of the web, which makes sense to me to call web sense. And seems reasonable to me that web sense is your sense of audience for what you put public--present and future.

Where audience can be a fluid concept on the web. For instance I have routinely noted on my blogs including this one when a post I wrote years ago can suddenly gain LOTS more interest. Reality is that new people may come across this blog routinely and can find something written long ago is relevant to them.

And also I will push out links at times across other areas of the web, including social media if feel is relevant. Like recently did that with a post musing on how we know.

Having a sense of future audience does seem to apply a certain amount of pressure though, as is not as simple as not putting up something embarrassing. Especially if you put up a LOT of content across a lot of web things, which I like to do, as I like to write.

Where other thing still ponder is web authority, where found myself functionally defining authority on my blog Seriously Commercial which is supposed to be where I, yeah try to be commercial. And I simply start with authority relative to one entity is when some other entity has information needed. Then go on for about three pages--if you wish read entire post there.

On here I guess that should support my prior musing on web authority and now have an evolved perspective. I feel that eventually web authority will encompass all others and called it a meta authority.

And also is more than a year since decided I was a meta innovator, and feel more comfortable with that and feel it is efficient as a label. Where emphasize that meta just means self-reference, and is way shorter than saying something like, self-referential innovator. That meta may get used other ways besides self-reference is just one of those things. And the post I'm linking to which is my base post for describing myself as a meta innovator is dated May 29, 2016, so yeah recently passed one year anniversary.

These things are all related, as your web sense is necessary for your audience. And it matters to people with what authority you put up things, while often they research you through web authority, like when use web search.

And as a meta innovator I like to see the big picture of innovation wherever it interests me, and of course the web is one of the most active innovation zones imaginable.

So it helps me to keep up with my meta perspective, which I think explains this post, as ask myself things routinely, and brings me to the end of it.

James Harris