Saturday, January 17, 2009

Wanting to meet Kara Thrace

Link above goes to:, Battlestar Galactica season 4, episode 13 with commentary by Ronald Moore

For the first time after watching an episode I found myself watching the commentary on that episode as it was such a dark and powerful one, but the post isn't really about the episode as while listening to the commentary by Moore, I found my self drifting at times and I pondered about something I've often wondered about, which is wanting to meet Kara Thrace.

That might sound like I want to meet Katee Sackhoff, who is the actor who plays Kara Thrace, but there you have it of course, the actors are not their characters, so in a sense it's a philosophical issue about the impossibility (or is it impossible?) of meeting a fictional character--and why the desire anyway?

I've wondered how bothered actors get by people meeting them thinking they are their fictional persona, but then again, why would anyone think they are? Or, why would anyone think they are not? I like the dueling questions.

The tone of this post is different than a lot of others as I myself rarely do commentary but have done it, in a sense, and it has occurred to me that part of the role of commentary is to give people some idea of the person behind some particular product that is out there, where otherwise you're just looking at the polished (or hopefully polished) output, but there is someone or some group of people, who have put that out there, and how do you get a feel for them?

So for my own cryptic reasons I think it might help to point out that I often think about meeting Kara Thrace, and ponder that I can't, so why do I frustrate myself, and then of course wonder, how bad though really would it be to just meet Katee Sackhoff, and while acknowledging (even maybe saying it out loud to try and sell it) that I know she's not Kara, secretly pretend that she is anyway?
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