Thursday, February 23, 2012

Trying a video

So figured I may as well also try posting a video to see how it all works. And story behind this one is I took it deliberately for test video, where the vague idea I had in mind was to just film some running water so I had sound, for about 30 seconds.

So I start filming, and then amazingly enough, there was this pigeon who decided to be a part of the show:

So what's so funny to me is that I'm filming and I noticed there was the pigeon and thought quickly, ok, add the pigeon, now back to test footage of running water. And the pigeon decides to walk through!

Totally random. But if you look at it without knowing the story, it almost looks scripted. And so now I have some test footage, for this post, as I see what some video looks like here.

James Harris

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