Wednesday, May 07, 2014

Some disclosures May 2014

At this time I have no paid endorsements. Items I talk about on this blog including products are simply things that interest me, and I'm not getting paid anything in return for mentioning them.

If that were to change I would disclose which it turns out is what you're supposed to do if I'm correctly interpreting guidelines from the Federal Trade Commission, FTC for short, in this area. To get to those yourself you can find links in a press release from the FTC:

Federal Trade Commission Press Release

And I think it is a way to see an example of how government regulation is important.

It makes a difference whether or not something you're reading on a blog is really just someone's uncompensated opinion or if they're getting paid in some way which can influence that opinion.

Smart regulation is where the government plays an important role in protecting consumers in ways that make sense.

There are blog posts mostly from a ways back when I talked products as I had a concept for the blog at that time where it might move in a product review direction. Now I'm not interested in that path. There was no compensation for those posts. Just idle ideas I was trying as I experimented on directions for this blog.

Also there are posts in support of Chrome OS and things related to it, but that's because I consider it to be what I call a BOS, which stands for Browser Operating System. And it turns out I introduced that concept on this blog back in May 2008. I have no idea if Google is listening to me on this subject, and definitely am not getting anything from them to discuss it! If I did I'd gleefully disclose as that would also be bragging rights.

And I have my own concepts for doing endorsements if I ever do them, as I have none now, which I encapsulated into a post talking about what I called a limited endorser.

James Harris
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