Saturday, September 27, 2014

Image licensing validator?

Here's another free idea: some company that licenses images should offer a free app for people who want to know if images on a website they visit are licensed for use there.

One thing I find happening to me a LOT when I surf the web is coming across a website where I wonder if images are being used legally. That helps me to form an opinion about that site!

So from that perspective if I had a way to check then I'd appreciate it so I'd feel more confident about the site in general. So why don't companies like say Getty Images offer such an app?

Just checked at their site and if they have such an app I didn't see it.

My guess is some might wonder what would be the point with so much rampant and uncontrolled sharing of images. Well the point is more information about that website you're on. And there are people who care about such things.

But right now, how are we supposed to know? And why don't companies with that information figure out a way to share it where it matters? That actually can be a big deal, like when I'm debating whether or not to share a site. Right now I start a bit of detective work, trying to figure out from what information is available how decent the site is.

One of the things that really irritates me is when I have to notice later there is something wrong with some website I've shared, so I break the link. As the web matures I think it will be increasingly important to know which people are following the rules, and who are not.

James Harris
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