Saturday, April 30, 2016

No pain, great gain

The idea that change makes pain, isn't a wrong one necessarily, but I like to think that best innovations--as innovation means change--can be smoothly part of a person's life in a way that lessens pain or struggle.

Which is a philosophy I like.

But I can also point to what may already be concrete examples for some of you, if you read my functional definition for entertainment? You may be in world's of wonder as you look at things that entertain you, with a functional perspective.

So you can more easily grab hold to more of it!!! More entertainment, better entertainment. With precision as YOU want it!  And waste less time with things that just don't quite work.

Like now this sentence will make sense as note that best trailer for a movie gives you the mood for the movie, so you know what to expect and thus are entertained, if the movie delivers that mood! Which is why movie trailers are SO important, and can give you so much in just a few minutes. Ooh. Ah. I'm so impressed with that one.

If you got intrigued by the notion of me getting my own phrase with "short timeline reachable goals" with an important tweak from I think more general usage of phrase "short term", you may be rocking out STRG's and being amazed at how much more you get done. STRG. That could also kind of look like short for STRONG.

I do imagine vast numbers of people all over the world, doing their STRG's and vast waves of accomplishment sweeping, but I digress.

My point is, some of you may have had some HUGE changes in your life, with innovations that work, as they work for you. Where that should have been painless. Well it was for me. Course how do I know for others? And um, ok stopping there with the buzzwords and that special way of talking people do when they want you so impressed and AMAZED with the claims of awesome.

Not that I don't believe what I wrote! But for me, of course is so much feel-good.

What works for others? Well that's YOUR experience. What I can do is guess.

However, philosophy is given! I don't believe in that no pain, no gain nonsense. It turns too many people I think away from things they want to do.

Just maybe in a more innovative way.

Ok. This post is DEFINITELY still marketing and promotion so will be so labeled. Eventually I'll get used to such things so will not make these little asides which are, um, kind of talking to myself really. It is a new way for me, not too painful. Moving from what I saw as research and development, to spreading the word.


James Harris
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