Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Checking me on my entertainment definition

To me functional definitions can be more useful, and one of them is relevant I think to many where checking me on it, should be easy from your own experience, as maybe for the first time you can deeply understand why you find something entertaining, or not.

Turns out I could put it all in a tweet.

So I'm claiming that entertainment is a way for people to alter mood, without bringing harm to themselves, so if you want thrills? Maybe you watch a certain kind of movie, right? Like one with lots of cars racing around maybe.

Why is that, now maybe obvious to you thing, such a big deal?

Well what if your friend wants to feel sad. So wants a moody relationship movie with a tragic ending. Now you can understand.

Say you pick up a book that is supposedly about space and adventure, but discover it's some metaphysical probe into life on our planet, when you felt like feeling like getting away! Then it did not entertain you as it did not give you the desired mood.

So why did I make sure to emphasize that is unlikely to bring harm in any way?

What other mood altering things are there? I don't have to answer, but yeah, drugs! So entertainment I'm saying is like a drug, but safe.

Innovation that works, as it works for you.

Maybe now you can pursue entertainment with more understanding as you consider what mood it brings to you, when it works! Whether it's that great roller coaster ride, or that pleasant dinner with friends.

Welcome to a functional definition, and the way it can shift how you look at your world.

So what is the alternative type definition? I call them descriptive definitions.

To see an example just go, look up entertainment in a dictionary, and compare with mine.

James Harris
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