Sunday, April 17, 2016

Thoughts on stability on the web

So much has happened so fast, with the web being this wonderful place of constant change, where now am also appreciating SO much stable on which increasingly I rely. Like here. I take it for granted can come and share my thoughts which requires Blogger to, well, BE here. Thank you Blogger for being here! And all the people who work there or around it. Your efforts are very much appreciated as I remember to not just point out areas where think things need to be better but appreciate how HUGE it is for it to be here!

And that is a remarkable thing I think, to quickly shift to just expecting extraordinary to be the ordinary as then again, now it is.

Have some stability of my own so maybe appreciate what it takes with my own open source project, which luckily is supported by SourceForge, which I also deeply appreciate, and also do realize expect to just be there.

Like am also HUGELY appreciative of the Firefox browser for instance. Its stability and WIDE availability across so many platforms and hardware configurations is now a standout.

And of course have LOTS of examples of things that have come and gone, which can be a sad arena for people who work very hard at things which for whatever reason just don't last.

I could go on and on with more examples of things glad are stable from so many, like yeah of course Google, and Facebook, oh and Twitter which of course is a huge favorite of mine. What would it be like without them?

And yeah one of those things which is major when you're doing something and making something is that longevity, how long will it last? How long can you support it?

More so than many may realize it will depend so much on so many efforts, most of which will probably be invisible to most. Which is the kind of sentence I just love to write, though here, am quite certain it covers things rather well in a short space.

James Harris
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