Saturday, May 28, 2016

Reasons to look for different perspective

It is remarkable to me to now talk about growing up in the Deep South, as grew up in rural South Georgia, USA, as just kind of a cool thing, which is still scary to say. And I tend to not bring up topic of race much but that deliberate avoidance can run into needing to explain something and here explaining need for different perspective.

Like one of the things I mentioned is my understanding of political correctness which lots of folks get wrong as really in the US is code for race politics and the view that the notion that all people are equal is politically correct, but in the opinions of some in this country goes against what they see as historical evidence of superiority of one race in particular.

So yeah reason it's "politically correct" is that all men are created equal thing in the US Constitution, which today is more like all people as we shift even from male bias, and there are people who just don't believe it.

So yeah it's not even hard to understand but explained like that it should be obvious. People using the phrase tend to be fighting some of the most famous words in history with code. Not like they can just come out and call it crap, eh?

Obviously for someone like myself who grew up with people also saying was really smart was that question of, how could I make a difference, and hey, what was the truth?

It is a harsh thing to face and I think hard for those to imagine who haven't faced it, when otherwise nice and polite people just take it for granted you are innately inferior to them. Not like they're angry or anything about it, just matter of fact. For them? It's a settled reality, and they operate accordingly.

So LOTS of motivation to look for other answers. And I found them.

Today can seem odd I'm sure to some that there are people confident of their inborn superiority based on race, and others confident that there are some people with such, which actually can be all over the map.

Science says otherwise, and I think the reality that one human species is endlessly obsessed with differentiating itself, without that changing it being one species is gaining ground. And yeah the ability of science to cut through is another reason to me to love science! Which is one of my favorite subjects, and yeah, was huge for me to get a degree in physics.

Much of my life I spent fighting against certain perspectives, only to reach an age where they were crushed, and today people get to grow up different.

But too few appreciate all the systems that were in place, like how many code phrases are meant to announce where you stand. Am sure plenty of people use the phrase politically correct without knowing it is meant to disparage the US Constitution and a very contentious notion about humanity being equal. And how can such things get fixed if not discussed openly?

If you thought it was something else, why? Like maybe it's politically correct to not use religion as a litmus test in a country touting religious freedom if you're afraid of some people? Is that better?

Code phrases are to hide. The web can help illuminate, and help give different perspective. Am sure there are people who trot things out routinely who think they are loyal Americans, even if the phrases they use tell, in code, otherwise.

But yeah not so much into just accepting authority! Grew up a Black kid in the rural South with all kinds of perspectives floating around which I didn't particularly find appealing. Today am glad for a world which has moved so far, and to feel like I should be glad to try to find some things of my own.

Why not? So much can be about perspective.

James Harris
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