Sunday, May 29, 2016

Meta Innovator

Should mean self-referential innovator directly as meta means self-reference.

Referencing my own experience has helped me figure out things where there was no other way, and share with less fear of error.

How else can I talk about someone with a global product downloaded from over 100 countries over space of a decade? I only really know one person well enough to discuss that person, and that is me. It's just a fact.

Am not close enough to anyone else to whom that applies to talk from such person's experience so if tried, would be relying on other sources, guessing or making things up.

It's easier talking from your own experience and safer, usually.

So that self reference with regard to experience I think is practical, and maybe also more useful to others as then it can be a lot about sharing knowledge earned.

For example trying to understand my own experience I found it necessary to innovate and figure out a functional definition of entertainment. I needed it to explain follower counts on social media, which I concluded were about being entertaining.

Necessity pushing innovation? To me? That's how it should be. But to explain best I need my own experiences which explain how I know, so I need to self-reference.

And I found some math worth mentioning I think. To find it? Remarkably, just search: some math

Most should see my math blog, which is come up highly in the list.

Which is NOT about what I think, but about how others link, if explanations for how its web search works given by Google are accurate.

This blog at date shown for this posting, only manages around #3 for search: beyond mundane

That global search level may disappoint me in ways as I prefer #1 but shows a competitive reality which is NOT static. It's a constant competition for attention. How should I talk it?

Objectively is best I believe. It IS an objective measure which is about actions by others.

So much of what I do focuses on talking about things where think my perspectives can have value for others, so yeah, still meta. And am also innovative in that I think simple explanations can be best. Like I claim money is just a social IOU backed by society, which facilitates modern civilization by making it worth people's while to do favors for strangers, or receive them, and do so easily and safely.

Go to a grocery store? You can buy things without having to form a lifelong bond with the store clerk. Past humans might look at us in utter amazement.

So yeah meta innovator to me seems like a useful descriptor that can encompass lots about how I see myself, and like to talk about, myself not as a selfish self-involved thing, but as a known perspective.

Besides feel have a duty to innovative ideas where for now at least world is still learning in certain areas as change continues. And in our times people sharing from their own experience is helping to spread knowledge more effectively to the globe am sure.

Real world of humanity moves as a constant as so many doing so much. Our world of people never really sleeps. Waves of activity simply pulse around the globe on the daily.

All kinds of human beings can do all kinds of things and being meta is just one of those ways to help people who want to know, understand your ideas. Explaining as best you can, yourself can be a tool I firmly believe to understanding better, also by what interests others.

James Harris
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