Sunday, May 15, 2016

Web audience is real

Sometimes really am talking things out a lot for myself, which helps to build context. For me posting public knowing other people will read helps reinforce, and yes, make it real. And with the web, including social media, did find myself at times concentrating on numbers as abstractions, but remember, I'm not one.

And plenty of times have been on the web looking at something, from someone, and finally would think to myself, to this person I would just be maybe a statistic, as one of, a relatively few people checking something out! But of course to me doesn't feel that way. And has helped me to realize for people who do come across my content, they are NOT just numbers.

If one person is there that matters.

Needing to emphasize that message to myself is ALL about immediate feedback in my opinion and we may be the first humans to have the ability to talk to so many people with so little feedback. And it's just radically different than say, standing in front of an audience of people where you can GET a reaction from them of some kind so easily. Sure maybe you'll get that on web, but lots of times just will not.

But for EACH person coming across what you have public regardless, person's time and attention is important to that person, maybe can be even more than if sitting in an audience.

I want that sentence for me to ponder. And why? Well you're more free, say at home, reading something. As have been in audiences where am like, huh? And look around, to see how others are reacting. But with web things it's just me often. And my opinion can run from amazement and awe, to far, far less, and there's less likelihood there will be other feedback, except yes, some of those web metrics.

Like on YouTube will admit there are times I'm like, huh? And see, oh, millions of views, and tens of thousands of likes, so let me think harder on this thing. But without that? It's just my opinion on what am seeing, and to me? My opinion is very important to me, which is yes, meta.

But maybe that's the thing! The meta me reality of the web for the people coming across what you have is what's missing if you just see numbers and think about how YOU feel if a few hundred or less. But for EACH of those people?

Their attention is a really big deal.

And I think it is a transitory thing, as web is so new really even if it doesn't still seem it, where you can have people who may be calm about a few hundred with some social media metric, but imagine instead standing front of a few hundred people. If still calm then fine. If terrified, then guess what?

You were all along, whether you knew it or not, or accepted it or not.

James Harris
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