Thursday, August 03, 2017

Beyond imagined television model

What other people tell you may impact as yes, is important what we hear from our fellow humans, but what you tell yourself? Well that you can't even escape and of course our own internal musings should be potent. How we think is so much about what we do. And got on the web and realized things could draw attention but had in mind what I like to call the television model, though realize is my imagined television model.

In my imagined television model, you put up something which could draw a LOT of interest quickly, which have seen, of course, with what is usually called viral, or you build an audience steadily, until reaches some critical mass when can go commercial! And going commercial you could make money, like by helping other people sell things, or something. Was way vague, but why would I know the particulars before needed to know? And yeah, talking my imagination here.

Oh and mention television as when I grew up that WAS the main attention reality. Just about every way I thought about big levels of attention was related to television.

After YEARS of feeling a need to know and having lots of very uncomfortable conversations with myself based on the imagined television model, wish to officially let it go. It was not correct to reality. My imagination did not fit what my experience now tells me.

Now my mental model is of attention as fluid, enabled by web distribution on the constant, which can build or drop for many reasons, and is not necessarily connected to revenue. Connecting to revenue requires contracts, and generally follows from some type of agent who helps the person generating attention through various means to get and fulfill those contracts. Is hard to enter into most lucrative contracts just on your own unless you have knowledge or expertise in that area or have built up connections who trust you enough.

Why it matters to have that abstract specific is, you can get out here like I do, have a LOT of fun and watch attention come and go, without it meaning what my imagining before THOUGHT it meant.

Which matters for me and others. As yeah, do appreciate the attention here over the years while I puzzled things out. And before didn't always as thought should be more with it. But I was NOT doing the things for there to be the more with it. So was this weird thing where conversations in my mind were me fighting with myself, for no reason.

Was having all these arguments with myself based on flawed beliefs.

And THAT is way uncomfortable. Not like you can escape arguments with yourself, like just go in another room, or something, like can when arguing with someone else.

So am beyond the imagined television model now. And no longer arguing with myself about THAT at least. Other arguments are probably still there, says a part of me as yeah you argue with yourself for years and it's hard to not realize how many thoughts can run around that aren't in agreement.

Ok this post is getting a little weird. Beyond imagined television model. Ok. Done.

James Harris
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