Sunday, April 26, 2015

Class Viewer 5.1 Update Release

There is a new update release for my open source project Class Viewer, which I decided to call version 5.1.1 which updates ClassViewerConfig.xml to Java Enterprise 7, and fixes a problem with getting directly to JavaDocs.

And my apologies on missing something when I updated before to the new JavaDocs format, as I failed to notice that it was not being used for Java Enterprise at version 6, where it is now at version 7, still not being used, and now guessing it has to do with version number. So I have the code see if it's under 8, and if so, it uses old JavaDocs format, otherwise it will try the new.

Problems in this area will just mean you get brought to the JavaDocs page, but not directly to the method.

Luckily I was working on a personal project and went to look up a method, and was surprised when it didn't work right! Which goes back to the importance of using your own product.

If you're using the project and wish to upgrade I have direct download links on the main Class Viewer project website page. Or you can go to the Class Viewer SourceForge page.

Oh yeah, project website is not mobile friendly as of yet as I'm still assuming people will be using on desktop. So not sure it's worth the effort.

James Harris
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