Thursday, August 20, 2015

Does follower size really matter on social media?

Had what I think is an epiphany so I'm doing something I rarely do which is do a post late in the day, which means that I can't endlessly edit it through the day. But been pondering follower size across my accounts and hate to admit it, but I do feel a bit inadequate over my 129 follower count on Twitter. But I only have 18 followers on Instagram, and don't care. And I'm on it daily, but mostly following. But then again I haven't posted in 75 weeks, so glad I have any.

And Pinterest? I have 9 followers. Doesn't bother me at all. And I'm not really sure what followers are for on Pinterest anyway.

And I don't give my Google+ follower count though will admit it's higher than my Twitter. But most of the people I circle are in my circles there. It's like a nice cozy little club. I have no issues with its size. But also I can hide that info. And do.

Oh yeah, my public Facebook profile has 140 Likes. And I think that's meager as well. That one DOES bug me a bit. It inhibits my posting as I try to puzzle out how to raise it to some respectable level, which is not clear to me. How many Likes should I have?

Have mentioned this subject before and the numbers but it dawned on me that haven't talked out how it can be depressing. Like for new users on Twitter it is relentless in reminding you. Actually Twitter is relentless in reminding all users exactly how many followers they have. It's right there with your tweets and following numbers. Can't avoid it. It is just relentlessly there to remind you just where you are.

And what if I had 10 followers on Twitter? Would I still be there? Yet why don't I care about so few on Instagram or Pinterest? But it DOES bug me on public Facebook?

What if Twitter were more discreet with this information which is depressing for most users I'm sure? It's not just in your face with Instagram. I have to go find it. Same with Pinterest. In both cases I have to go to my profile page to even see that info.

Facebook seems to be making it more discreet. On my Facebook page it literally shrank in size! I think Facebook is aware of this thing. And so are the others but maybe Twitter hasn't checked to see how that number impacts users?

If so, what's the fix? I'm not sure. Oh, maybe more info? Like on Google+ do show my views. Interesting. If Twitter showed my impressions it'd be more impressive. But they're not crazy high though. Just a bit better than the follower counts. But still.

But what if those were low as well for someone?

Will post and see if it seems like a good idea tomorrow. Breaking my process here. Even if there is something to it, does it matter that much?

But reality is, people don't like being depressed about their efforts. And if you're tweeting away, and looking at a dozen followers, or even a few hundred, with those numbers relentlessly in your face, could that feel like a drag?

Coming back to edit today I think I'm on to something and can explain now easily a rather remarkable behavior on Twitter where someone will follow you, wait a few days to see if you follow back, and then drop you.

I don't see that on any other social media platform.

And for Twitter that kind of behavior is worthless as of course such people are NOT following you for your tweets, but only to pad their own following numbers!!!

Oh yeah, so guess what? If you follow me on Twitter am unlikely to follow you back for days to see if you drop me. If I like what you tweet then I might follow you back.

I actually read tweets in my stream.

James Harris
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