Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Pondering post impact

So yeah was curious about what my post yesterday might shift, and yup, got up this morning and found a significant impact, in the negative direction, which is not a big deal for this blog. But the speed impressed me.

And yesterday went right at the topic of race, with a post confronting race reality as I see it. Which is a big deal for me for lots of reasons though is a subject I tend to not just go at directly in that way.

One of those questions I think about is, to what extent do I need popular?

And reality is, not much. It's one of the reasons I went to math for instance as it doesn't care whether people believe in it or not. Like 2+2=4 does not care about your opinion. And for people who need it, they use it.

That freedom is so cool. Am sure it puzzles people who wonder how I can so casually just keep going. Answer? Find incredibly useful things--and people will use them. Easy.

Oh yeah, and I DO try to monitor such usage, which can be detective work. But thankfully a lot has to do with web stats where there are a variety. I've found it easier not to get specific about them. But it is great, today a person can just get lots of data to see objectively what others are doing relative to their work, which shows interest.

But what people talk about? That has to do with popular and celebrity.

Whether you realize it or not, any celebrity is a quiet away from not being one.

My position though is beyond that so I can study it in the abstract. Could I be popular?

Sure. If some people started chattering loudly and proudly about some of my things then that would be it. Easy. Could I figure out how to make that happen?

If I could, would I tell you? Why bother, you'd just hear it. Believe me, it'd be hard to hide.

Regardless it's kind of freaky to watch the sheer speed with which people can move on the web.

And what things move them, and which way.

Of course have been blogging for a while so kind of figure which way things will flow, and the timing of these posts is important.

James Harris

Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Confronting race reality

So yeah am some Black guy who went to a top university on a scholarship and got my degree in Physics. My story though is not one the American press likes. Supposedly Black or "minority" students are a special class of people, because deep down a lot of people believe they may not quite have the genetic capacity for intelligence of Whites or other ethnicities.

Oh no! Yeah I dared say it.

Of course science has completely debunked such notions and revealed that race is an arbitrary human construct which has no scientific validity. It is something human beings just kind of made up, though you can get in some CRAZY arguments with people absolutely certain that race is a thing, they know exactly what it is, but watch them fall apart if you try to get them to define it.

Would link to the Wikipedia on race, but just go there yourself and read up on what it really means and maybe get more perspective on what it means to be a human being. We are one species. Get over it.

But what fascinates me is a machinery dedicated to hiding the belief that Black people, and American Blacks in particular, are some kind of weird subhuman variant with an intelligence maybe for hip hop, dance, rap and sports, but oh no, math? Science?

So if there is contradictory evidence, from someone like me? Ignore it of course!

And figure there are those people who would question my degree, like maybe it was handed to me as something "politically correct". For those who don't know that is a code phrase. I do know. And I know the code too.

But for some people race is as obvious as the nose on their face, and beliefs of the demonstrated, to them, inferiority of some races is just as obvious. Claims otherwise? They say is political correctness.

With those harboring hostile views about a race, so much can be about escape to denial.

What else can some deluded person fixated on false beliefs about race do?

How about maybe just acknowledge what you truly believe? And accept it is false?

The wonderful thing though is the web lets us air things out, work through, and see things that in the past were too easily hidden.

And lets you see humanity around the globe like never before. So reality will check the noise and yeah, soon enough certain things will just be gone. Melted away by the light of knowledge I think sounds kind of poetic.

Sharing works!

It's a great thing.

James Harris

Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Claims versus recognition

One thing I learned the hard way didn't seem to go over well was to discuss my various claims, but then again I think it helps to give my perspective on the situation. And a lot of it is about math which has not been officially recognized as important far as I know.

Which started in 1996. So yeah have had almost 20 years since what I was certain was my first major discovery. Wrote a paper, which an editor rejected as too simple. In his defense the problem was considered unbelievably hard and someone else had just done a computerized proof considered too complicated to be fully checked. And here I claimed to have solved it in a couple of sheets of paper with some hand-drawn figures.

Next in December 1999, I came up with what I now realize is my own branch of mathematics. And August 2002, came up with my own way to count prime numbers, which I still talk about to this day. And no, has not to my knowledge been officially recognized.

In 2003 actually got a paper published in a formally peer reviewed mathematical journal, which relied on techniques from that new branch of mathematics I'd found. Well the journal pulled the paper a bit later, and a little later ended operations. But yeah I'm considered to be a published mathematical author for that one.

After that I worked on refining things, talking about some things, including not happily, not surprising, and oh yeah, had some people calling me crackpot, but that doesn't surprise me. What surprised me was not getting any of the official recognition to stick, and that was a massive shock with the paper, and that journal folding.

Eventually got tired of focusing on math so branched out. So like in 2004, I wrote Class Viewer an app for Java developers. And wrote it partly as a confidence booster! Did other things like write on my various blogs. And more recently went political coming up with my own political party idea I call Core Middle Party.

Thankfully the web at least seems to like me. I've had dominant search results all through these adventures for what I have on the web. And web analytics for the most part from Google show me with a footprint in at least 150 countries.

So what's the difference then that keeps me from being famous?

Just what's reported in my opinion. The ideas travel the world anyway. And yes, I know more about where my ideas are than most, and have taken a community perspective on it all. Let's say for the sake of argument I am correct, what difference did lack of official recognition make anyway?

Well it let me branch out more. But didn't slow my ideas down one bit. They've been changing the world.

And that's my take. This year I decided to fully analyze the monetary system to figure out exactly why I wasn't making any. That was fun. Those ideas have been propagated as well. For instance, I concluded that low wages lead to high unemployment. So wages need to go up. That is in process.

Thankfully at least the draw of my ideas, where some I can prove are the best in human history, means constant attention from the planet. So I can easily project ideas around the globe. Anything I want. I choose to project ideas I think are beneficial to humanity. And to back policy changes that are as well.

It's the least I can do.

James Harris

Monday, December 21, 2015

But is it original?

A phrase I started using this year is: "short timeline reachable goals"

And have posted about it before but a BIG surprise for me when first noticed I was writing it, came when I searched and found NOTHING. Zero. Zip. Nada.

So yeah that was searching in quotes. And it's fascinating how much web search has come to dominate and how rarely you can get zero search results, which is no longer the case by the way with that search. You no longer get zero search results as I write about it. So now at least you get my writing.

So am like I'm going to say STRG for short, so can talk about STRG's and that may someday be a thing, I made up. But is it original? Web search is powerful, yes, but I don't think one can truly claim originality JUST on web search results. But it is quick and easy to check them which makes you ponder things, like how easy is it to steal ideas REALLY in the modern age?

Could someone come and yank STRG's right out from under me? I don't know. Am curious. Clearly would not cause me serious distress. I'd study it.

Does help that here feel like are positive ideas so validating for others to agree! It is about goal setting, and as like to say--getting things done. And to me these ideas are community oriented. So I think it's quite ok for me to freely share anyway. Which raises question in my mind, how else might give them? I don't know, guess maybe write a book or something. Yeah vague. Just putting ideas on a blog is so much easier than all that.

But also I have so many ideas rattling around the planet I quit worrying about keeping up with them. Just put them up somewhere and drive on. Ideas are easy. They just come to you. Sometimes just by chance with a slight change of phrase.

As relaxed as that sounds, of course reality is a changing one with technology letting me, I think, kick back and worry less. It's a different world than it was. This post alone will be read all over it.

James Harris

Friday, December 11, 2015

My take on social energy

Quite deliberately I find I don't talk on certain subjects related to social, which has to do with certain theories I have on the subject I just decided when thinking of this post to call social energy.

Not surprisingly LOTS of energy is involved with social activities, where web activities have the unique ability to unite a wide group of people into thinking related things, which actually literally involves energy as well. So there's also inertia involved, like how much energy and time it actually takes to have a given number of people know a certain thing.

Physicists could actually do rough calculations believe it or not.

Some people can try to ride social energy associated with people who draw lots of attention, and discovered that years ago, like in over a decade, when would find myself irritated in weird unending arguments about math on a place called Usenet. In one case I actually just kept at it to see and had some person arguing with me indefinitely on into the night.

I concluded that was not desirable so studied it.

Much to my chagrin realized I had been providing the social energy. As I studied how that happened, learned to cut it off, and something amazing! Arguments ceased. People might still reply to me, and usually I would not reply back, but that was just part of it, as that hadn't worked before.

So why not explain it?

Because then might have to rework everything as such people adjust. But gist of it is, if you're a person who wants attention without deserving it, then one way to get it is to try and ride along with someone who has it.

Then one person is moving in social media entirely by another person's social energy.

And that can be cut off and parasitic person can just fade.

The behavior is parasitic in that one entity is sucking the energy from another and if you see a social person with TONS of such people all over, said person can literally be driven off the web by them.

But I think the behavior can be countered and socially parasitic humans can be discouraged--if you're careful.

Maybe should add more. One thing is I try not to let another person decide how I am to respond. In some cases you really have no choice, like if a police officer or someone in authority needs a response, but some random on social media? Why let that person control you? Which when you think about it, is the point of an insult! The person insulting you wishes you to respond angry or hurt or in some negative way. So it's a control mechanism.

But why should you give them what they want?

On what basis does that person deserve attention, for instance? Like consider an insult yelled at the president of the United States from someone in a crowd? So what?

Trouble with social media is people can seem too close. And simply seeing that insult makes it feel like someone is right next to you. That is an illusion. That person is still probably just some distant figure. Why let randoms control you?

If they are close then why are they? Is that a reason to distance them? Can you use community to shame bad behavior? Community is AWESOME when it's on your side.

Distance though I think is the best protection. Figure out why you think a comment matters, then keep asking until you realize why it doesn't. If it does, then deal with appropriately, like if a peer is upset with you.

Also it helps to figure out what someone has invested in an opinion. Classic for me was when singing karaoke and after LOTS of people would come by to congratulate me on singing something, there would be that one person who would wait to calmly inform me how horrible I supposedly was. I found that fascinating.

To me opinions, especially quick ones, can be more about feeling than objective or even subjective reality. Someone can get mad at you because how good you are makes them feel bad, I theorize. I've watched it happen so many times though feel confident on that one.

Actually have done it myself and felt silly, as it's so wacky. I try not to compare myself to others unless am really competing with them, and even then cautiously. Nothing wrong with wanting to be the best in a category, but I try to make sure am checking against people somewhere near my competitive ability.

Regardless of what you do though, someone might still get to you with some nasty statement or comment which I guess is also why I don't like talking about it too much. Admitting that I don't have a complete solution doesn't sit well with me. Maybe it's just a human reality. We can't completely control the ability of others to affect us.

Besides, am quite capable of expressing my opinion about someone that is not about positives, though follow certain rules. Like very important I think to try to tell the truth as best you can. Still it is an area where I ponder constantly as I don't want to be the thing I decry in others.

Just some thoughts. It's such a deep subject am wary of digging into it as could post for days. But main thing I think is asking yourself questions about why this particular person is grabbing your attention, especially if that person does not deserve it.

James Harris

Thursday, December 10, 2015

Thoughts on the record

One of my favorite stories was about when was back in my hometown Tifton, GA where I grew up and I had reason to go to the Tift County public library to check the periodicals section. Was looking for a TIME magazine which published a letter I wrote to the editor.

So found it and for some reason or other read it aloud to the reference librarian. But this post isn't about the subject of that letter but of the record.

Found out that letters to the editor can get edited. Ok. And turns out I also recently found a copy of the original magazine, from which am going to copy out what was published so I have an online record of it. Which is a lot for me but could be interesting to others I think. But wish I'd kept the original that I sent to TIME. Why didn't I? Not sure. So really am vague about how original was edited.

The issue is November 11, 2002, and the cover is quite beautiful as has a fetus in the womb. It's a special report issue.

Seems like a world ago. Here's the published version of what I wrote for my own personal online record, as am copying from the physical magazine I bought back then. May as well use their format as well so capitalization was theirs. Was under "Battle Plans":

YOUR REPORT ON THE WEAPONS THAT THE U.S. could use in a war with Iraq [WORLD, Oct.21] noted that Iraq's best tactic would be to deploy weapons of mass destruction. While Saddam Hussein used chemical weapons against Iran, today his troops would have trouble getting close enough to deliver them. So what would be a possible Iraqi gambit? If the U.S. began military operations to soften up Iraq, Saddam would quickly ask the U.N. to send in weapons inspectors. He would then show the inspection team he doesn't have any weapons of mass destruction. There would be an international outcry to lift the sanctions and force the U.S. to pay reparations for any damage done. The U.S. needs the inspectors to go in before we attack.

James Harris

So just typed that over and reading it am like, well the UN did send them! And they reported they couldn't find any. Kind of makes you wonder, eh? Actually maybe a bit naive, as I speculated rather wrongly am sure today about how some things could play politically. But that's what got published. Want this record here so will put it.

People looking up what's saved online if they can access can compare to what I have here. Which I can do as well, but haven't recently though did so a while back which is why I went to the public library to see what they had.

The record is a fascinating thing! And consider that the original letter is one I lost, though guess TIME magazine has it. I think they have the gist of it though quite well so don't wish to put that out as some big deal. But it is odd what information gives you.


James Harris

Tuesday, December 08, 2015

My opinion on modern referral

To me modern referral can be considered abstractly in some simple ways. Where I want to put some opinions down in writing, partly as that helps me check them, and also it helps me see how my thinking evolves on certain subjects over time.

For someone with a potentially global audience it might seem easy to suggest products or services, but I think you have to be more careful, as with modern networks people can rapidly assess your behavior, motivations, and share information which can challenge the validity of that referral.

That efficiency is in a small group as well, as your friends can maybe talk about finding out that, say, your girlfriend is trying to boost her sales if you recommend something as if out of the blue for them to buy. Whether they tell you they found out is a different matter entirely.

IN THE PAST, connections were easier to hide, and do remember being fascinated at times when they'd get outed with someone famous, where didn't suspect ulterior--as in hidden--motives for things they were doing. But in the modern age the web relishes outing such things.

To me best referral happens if you find something relevant to the target audience, which you honestly believe is helpful, where any benefit to you in giving that referral is known.

Like I have an open source project, and have no problems recommending it to people. I use it myself. To me that is optimal referral, and in general if I promote it at all it is to people who might need it. Though also talk about it in general as a concrete example of attention my efforts receive, justifying claims like being global.

So to me, proper referral involves real benefit to those who get it, and information on any benefit to the person giving it. Though I also think that if someone does get compensated for some kind of product or service referral the amount is not necessarily in the public good. But knowing someone got paid can be critical.

And came up with my own rules for when people should get paid for things.

By those rules then someone like myself should get paid for an endorsement for a business entity NOT a community entity, always, which I find fascinating, and wonder if in actuality I hold myself to that one, and have no such endorsements. Just questioning my own opinions. But then again I don't think I actually endorse any business entity. Will mention some at times. May like a product or service, like am a big fan of Twitter. But like that mention in my opinion does not necessarily represent a material benefit to Twitter the company. Though it may be important for branding.

But wait, really do push Chrome OS, but only because I have my own ideas in that direction, where I like to talk the BOS. So that's transparent. To me I'm promoting my ideas as I see them in someone else's. That feeling is natural I think, and very transparent.

So what makes something a referral anyway?

In my opinion for a potentially paid referral there has to be a contract involved as that's how money should flow legally anyway. Emphasizing is my opinion. So involves some thought and work upfront with two parties getting something worked out and signed, and then can be completely legit! As otherwise no way to help promote some product or service to people who might want and need it, so appreciate the effort, without taking a loss, if could make money on it and should.

Oh yeah, may sound strange, but a loss on NOT having a contract in place for what should be a paid referral hits the economy, like in my case is a loss for the US economy, since I'm a tax paying citizen here.

Figuring out actual material benefit of a referral can be a problem to be solved I think, though have addressed this before with my ideas for a limited endorser. Wow, wrote on that over 3 years ago, back February 2012, so was still in San Francisco. Ha ha, kind of full of myself reading it now! That guy.

And yup, talked material benefit. Am guessing that is HUGE in my thinking as spans so much time.

James Harris

Tuesday, December 01, 2015

What's my deal?

It occurs to me that with so many things out there, even with explanations given, it might help to put up a post which kind of explains things from my perspective which maybe can help others who may wonder.

Short answer is around 20 years ago started figuring out some math things as an amateur. Wanted to exercise my mind. That is, just some guy trying to figure out things on his own. But not like have gotten lots of approval from the math people. So that's just kind of hanging out there.

And yeah, hard to explain and most people aren't into math. So usually I just don't. But at least it makes sense I think that math travels the globe easily, and can be used anywhere, so can draw attention from all over.

And used to argue with math people about things but that got boring and is really useless, so quit doing it. But years ago there were kind of flame wars. But that feels like so long ago. It's so much nicer not arguing with people. But LOTS of old stuff is all over. I don't worry about it.

A bit over a decade ago, got an urge to try something so wrote this open source application called Class Viewer, which has been kind of a concrete thing that helps me feel better. Oh yeah, as I can code, and have been coding since was 12, but not really doing it so much any more.

And eventually started thinking needed a solid political foundation, as liked talking politics, so came up with my own political party I call Core Middle Party. Am only member far as I know so like to say only "official member". Which also makes me like the party chairman, except it's NOT an official party. It's just some ideas for one I've presented.

But also think about various things here and there and post or tweet, so thought out my own definition for science for instance, and also worked out money from my own functional perspective.

And turns out that a lot of what I do online pulls attention by objective measures in one way while less in others, which makes it a bit confusing so I puzzle over it.

But easiest to check is my open source app which in its first 10 years had downloads from over 150 countries.

As a Black guy have felt a responsibility as well to put more information forward, as not a lot of Black guys I've noticed doing things am doing pulling attention at that level, so put up profile pics back in 2010.

Oh yeah, also have an interest in photography and art in general, including the philosophy of it, and what it actually is.

So yeah I stay busy with various interests. And actually try not to put up everything that I could. Still someone just coming across say just one of my main blogs, like this one, could conceivably read for days, and not get close to absorbing much of it.

Which to me is just so cool, but took years for that to be true. And all traces back around 20 to me puzzling over some math.

Oh so I claim I found some math, how would you find it? Duh, just search--some math.

Isn't that cool? I think it is.

But then most of my blogs come up high in web search. So I guess, maybe not such a big deal?

This post ended up being longer than I thought it'd be. Oh well, lots of my writing is that way.

James Harris