Monday, December 21, 2015

But is it original?

A phrase I started using this year is: "short timeline reachable goals"

And have posted about it before but a BIG surprise for me when first noticed I was writing it, came when I searched and found NOTHING. Zero. Zip. Nada.

So yeah that was searching in quotes. And it's fascinating how much web search has come to dominate and how rarely you can get zero search results, which is no longer the case by the way with that search. You no longer get zero search results as I write about it. So now at least you get my writing.

So am like I'm going to say STRG for short, so can talk about STRG's and that may someday be a thing, I made up. But is it original? Web search is powerful, yes, but I don't think one can truly claim originality JUST on web search results. But it is quick and easy to check them which makes you ponder things, like how easy is it to steal ideas REALLY in the modern age?

Could someone come and yank STRG's right out from under me? I don't know. Am curious. Clearly would not cause me serious distress. I'd study it.

Does help that here feel like are positive ideas so validating for others to agree! It is about goal setting, and as like to say--getting things done. And to me these ideas are community oriented. So I think it's quite ok for me to freely share anyway. Which raises question in my mind, how else might give them? I don't know, guess maybe write a book or something. Yeah vague. Just putting ideas on a blog is so much easier than all that.

But also I have so many ideas rattling around the planet I quit worrying about keeping up with them. Just put them up somewhere and drive on. Ideas are easy. They just come to you. Sometimes just by chance with a slight change of phrase.

As relaxed as that sounds, of course reality is a changing one with technology letting me, I think, kick back and worry less. It's a different world than it was. This post alone will be read all over it.

James Harris
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