Tuesday, December 01, 2015

What's my deal?

It occurs to me that with so many things out there, even with explanations given, it might help to put up a post which kind of explains things from my perspective which maybe can help others who may wonder.

Short answer is around 20 years ago started figuring out some math things as an amateur. Wanted to exercise my mind. That is, just some guy trying to figure out things on his own. But not like have gotten lots of approval from the math people. So that's just kind of hanging out there.

And yeah, hard to explain and most people aren't into math. So usually I just don't. But at least it makes sense I think that math travels the globe easily, and can be used anywhere, so can draw attention from all over.

And used to argue with math people about things but that got boring and is really useless, so quit doing it. But years ago there were kind of flame wars. But that feels like so long ago. It's so much nicer not arguing with people. But LOTS of old stuff is all over. I don't worry about it.

A bit over a decade ago, got an urge to try something so wrote this open source application called Class Viewer, which has been kind of a concrete thing that helps me feel better. Oh yeah, as I can code, and have been coding since was 12, but not really doing it so much any more.

And eventually started thinking needed a solid political foundation, as liked talking politics, so came up with my own political party I call Core Middle Party. Am only member far as I know so like to say only "official member". Which also makes me like the party chairman, except it's NOT an official party. It's just some ideas for one I've presented.

But also think about various things here and there and post or tweet, so thought out my own definition for science for instance, and also worked out money from my own functional perspective.

And turns out that a lot of what I do online pulls attention by objective measures in one way while less in others, which makes it a bit confusing so I puzzle over it.

But easiest to check is my open source app which in its first 10 years had downloads from over 150 countries.

As a Black guy have felt a responsibility as well to put more information forward, as not a lot of Black guys I've noticed doing things am doing pulling attention at that level, so put up profile pics back in 2010.

Oh yeah, also have an interest in photography and art in general, including the philosophy of it, and what it actually is.

So yeah I stay busy with various interests. And actually try not to put up everything that I could. Still someone just coming across say just one of my main blogs, like this one, could conceivably read for days, and not get close to absorbing much of it.

Which to me is just so cool, but took years for that to be true. And all traces back around 20 to me puzzling over some math.

Oh so I claim I found some math, how would you find it? Duh, just search--some math.

Isn't that cool? I think it is.

But then most of my blogs come up high in web search. So I guess, maybe not such a big deal?

This post ended up being longer than I thought it'd be. Oh well, lots of my writing is that way.

James Harris
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