Friday, April 29, 2016

Goal is innovating to easier

Put up lots of posts which to me are theory or working at problem solving where maybe it's time to talk simply about the point! Which of course is innovating life to easier.

Like I gave advice on how to keep your social media account small, which is just, don't be entertaining. But what's entertaining? Simply enough it's giving people the mood they want. Like they want funny? If you got that you can RULE on your social media account if people are coming for funny. Easy.

And can figure out a "mood" for any social media, like for news? I like to feel informed. Not complicated.

Which means when I go to a social media account if not new to me, I have a vague idea of what mood should have when I view it, and accounts that deliver? Are in the MILLIONS. Accounts that don't but are trying to reach those heights? Are not. Often I see a muddled mess, where you don't know what you're going to feel if you check on these accounts! Except probably frustrated. And who wants that?

Which is a critique could apply to my own, but I'm not here to entertain. But yeah, will admit, now am pondering how to present what I think is useful, in a more entertaining way.

I can try. And with SO many social media accounts do need strategies to cover them all best I can.

My emphasis is on "short timeline reachable goals" where yeah, I OWN that search, as in dominate, because I invented that phrase with just a little tweak. Inventing things is a way to do that. My simpler approach helps you easily focus on getting things done. Every day. Like me!

Simply effective is more fun.

Like I just talked to you about how to grow your social media account ANYWHERE, and what will hold you back. While also explained how to do best time management, if you do that search on MY phrase.

Just a taste of what's actually going on with some of the posts on this blog. It's got lots of posts that give the explanation for the underlying theory. But the actual methods? SO easy to just give.

Shifting gears a bit with this post, so it's more definitely marketing and promotion in my opinion, so labeled. Grunt work is done. Now time to focus more on presentation and the point of it all.

And am going to stop this post here. Because I don't want to overwhelm you.

James Harris
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