Sunday, October 02, 2016

How handled a Wikipedia article about me

YEARS ago a hater wrote a Wikipedia article about me, which when I noticed was a weird feeling that someone would think I deserved a Wikipedia article! And it had some facts but also was really pushing notion of me as a crackpot, without saying it...or did it? I don't remember clearly. But I'm like, I'll roll with this thing, so I corrected as best I could while being honest, like I HAVE had TONS of bogus math ideas.

So I correct Wikipedia article about me, and hater comes back and changes back. I correct, and person changes back. So I put somewhere that would fix it ONE MORE TIME and if messed with would put up for permanent deletion of the article.

And the hater I guess didn't realize I was serious, so changed it back that one last time, and I put the article up for permanent deletion and watched the Wikipedia community debate with fascination.

The Wikipedia community decided, appropriately in my opinion, that being known as someone with bogus math ideas wasn't justification for an article, so they permanently deleted it. And for me? Problem solved.

There are these strange to me people out there, who don't like facts. I admitted I had some way wrong math ideas, as I used to like to brainstorm math and discuss it. And a few times, ok maybe more than a few, got behind some that were completely wrong, but admitted it when figured it out.

To me? Not a big deal.

Luckily I know lots about the Wikipedia and am a big fan of it, so yeah, not a place to try to get at me, with some hater page, if you know anything.

That person learned the hard way. Who was it? No clue. I didn't study the person much and now is just some vague. How long ago? I don't remember, but was probably well over a decade?

Now to me? Is just a fun story.

James Harris
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