Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Useful matters

Having things public is thrilling but understandably I think one wants that to go ok, and in the past talked more about my open source Class Viewer, which is an app for Java software developers, as if frustrated with lack of direct feedback. But I think people could read between the lines was also maybe a bit relieved actually? So there are two sides to it, as really want feedback and also can be wary of it.

Which to me is ok as there is a range of human behaviors that can be ok. And not everyone should fit into some specific type of behavior and not saying people push that but have maybe thought that myself. Now am like, lots of ways.

And now am glad the project is still being downloaded, as feel then like it is useful to people which is what is important, and I like to use it. And that perspective also helps me discuss it, as focus less on my feelings like being uncomfortable with even idea of a lot of attention, and think more about how it can best be useful.

More posting on Class Viewer by me has now moved to its blog on SourceForge, which is a natural place and actually that helped boost downloads quite a bit. Which made sense to me, versus talking about it here.

James Harris
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