Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Pondering post impact

So yeah was curious about what my post yesterday might shift, and yup, got up this morning and found a significant impact, in the negative direction, which is not a big deal for this blog. But the speed impressed me.

And yesterday went right at the topic of race, with a post confronting race reality as I see it. Which is a big deal for me for lots of reasons though is a subject I tend to not just go at directly in that way.

One of those questions I think about is, to what extent do I need popular?

And reality is, not much. It's one of the reasons I went to math for instance as it doesn't care whether people believe in it or not. Like 2+2=4 does not care about your opinion. And for people who need it, they use it.

That freedom is so cool. Am sure it puzzles people who wonder how I can so casually just keep going. Answer? Find incredibly useful things--and people will use them. Easy.

Oh yeah, and I DO try to monitor such usage, which can be detective work. But thankfully a lot has to do with web stats where there are a variety. I've found it easier not to get specific about them. But it is great, today a person can just get lots of data to see objectively what others are doing relative to their work, which shows interest.

But what people talk about? That has to do with popular and celebrity.

Whether you realize it or not, any celebrity is a quiet away from not being one.

My position though is beyond that so I can study it in the abstract. Could I be popular?

Sure. If some people started chattering loudly and proudly about some of my things then that would be it. Easy. Could I figure out how to make that happen?

If I could, would I tell you? Why bother, you'd just hear it. Believe me, it'd be hard to hide.

Regardless it's kind of freaky to watch the sheer speed with which people can move on the web.

And what things move them, and which way.

Of course have been blogging for a while so kind of figure which way things will flow, and the timing of these posts is important.

James Harris
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