Sunday, May 15, 2016

Tweet about scintillating web reality

Was on Twitter and had been tweeting away. And for some reason was thinking to myself I just want to get creative and tweet something just to write something and see what happens.

And I got this tweet:

Which seemed to fit the bill. So I tweeted it and then started staring at it a bit.

And what I think it means is that flashes of truth are part of like a kaleidoscope kind of thing? And easier to get with a mind educated, to find? But coming back to edit, wonder why I wrote kaleidoscope and think more likely was thinking of a mirrored ball.

So then if it's true, then it's purity present, right? So truth is, purity. Yeah. And to me, yes, truth and purity go together. So probably simply turning around a bit the purity of truth.

Which is what I get after I reread it several times. And I think that's about right.

As the writer should I just leave it subject to interpretation though? Well still is. Just giving my interpretation, where I happened to write it, so guess I should know.

Creativity is something else. Really get a kick out of those things where I write something and then have to puzzle over it a bit, and then say, yeah, it DOES make sense.

James Harris
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