Tuesday, May 03, 2016

Writing is something I just enjoy doing

Been writing since I was a kid. Had some short story or something that got my teachers excited and remembering that was enough to trigger me writing this post! As thanks to social media know it is teacher appreciation day.

And yeah, having your teachers get excited about some kid story can juice up parents, and others, as well as be something you think about decades later as you watch those words march across the screen with the same joy and satisfaction once had scribbling them out. Or printing as think was young enough yeah, still hadn't learned cursive.

Which means have got quite a bit more experience maybe with writing than those who hadn't thought it might one day be THE job, someway, some how. (Still working on that by the way.)

But can be why I have that creativity with grammar and punctuation, like, I comma how I wanna comma, thank you very much. I know the rules. The ones I think are real? I do follow.

So yes, with decades of writing under my belt, it does make it easier to do things like just sit down and type out a post, if I feel like it. Which this one is just one of those writing to write posts. I have at least one other I'm sure. Maybe I should link some way with a label.

Am pondering a good one. Writing to write? Ok.

Now will have to go find the other one I think there is, and slap that on.

Will do it eventually am sure.

Oh, and yeah, teachers have a HUGE potential role to play in giving that little push that can echo forward for years to come. I very much appreciate it. Not that I might not have written anyway, but is nice to have that early start and that sense of it being recognized early on as something that caught the attention of others.

That was a good way to spend five minutes. Now editing will take much longer.

Editing is where a LOT of the work is, in my opinion.

James Harris
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