Wednesday, June 01, 2016

Thoughts on innovation and example

Was riding around in a parking lot looking for a space, and started wondering about some automated way that might help people find one. And for me innovation is just a joy, so also started pondering various solutions and at some point thought, hey why not have drones that might routinely look over parking spaces! Get back to the web and thankfully search: drones parking space

And immediately get an article about an idea for using drones to help people find parking spaces! But what makes it more delicious to me is, I recognized the article, and when had first read it months ago felt a LOT of skepticism at the concept. But today, now later thinking was idly innovating with a real world problem--and had started planning this blog post to introduce to the world--was excited about it though, would be appropriately skeptical I told myself. So funny.

Thinking about the subject of being an innovator is meta as well, so seeing myself as a meta innovator it is interesting to look at things in that way as well. And I think it is very pertinent in our times that web search can be so key to finding ideas that are all over.

To me in our times idea generation is just so constant. It's a great thing and it is intriguing to consider how much the web helps show who figured out what.

James Harris
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