Sunday, July 17, 2016

Is mood focus entertainment innovation?

Seeing entertainment as a way to safely control mood is a path I put forward over a year ago, and after playing with it a bit, am now wondering, how innovative is it?

People have long talked mood with entertainment. In my own experience I can think of friends asking, what are you in the mood for? That could be about food or movies or other things, like just hanging out. And people talk about things that break the mood or ruin the mood. That can be VERY important on a date, not to ruin the mood.

And people pursue that mood control entertainment can bring, but only if something is entertaining! The innovation then is if mood focus can help you understand why anything entertains you. That word "anything" is scary to me. Anything? Really? Well the idea to me is to build a science of entertainment, so yeah, goal is anything. Not playing around.

More accurately focusing on mood I think can improve entertainment and have given some basic analysis as just starting. With only a little over a year am still lots considering possibilities.

But I focused in this direction with television and a recent series to talk how Battlestar Galactica reboot could have ended in a way that kept the mood. Occurs to me can shift how you see the series so warning upfront if are a fan of it.

And I explained why the heroes should usually win in entertainment, and why what some claim is supposedly realism in movies can really be like following worse performers in tennis instead of the most dominant champions. Just look at top tennis players, don't they usually win too? Want more "realistic" tennis where they lose more?

Have also brainstormed how to get the mood for some particular entertainment.

Or you can check out the post with a formalized functional definition of entertainment, to see the foundations on which these ideas operate.

If these ideas resonate and want to help, best way? Be skeptical, and ask someone else for an opinion. Yeah that means you share the concepts. Caught me at that, eh? But rest assured that will move things along. Good news though is you don't have to do a thing. If these ideas work well then eventually I kind of think there will be some movers and shakers who notice.

James Harris
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