Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Advice for The Rock on YouTube

Noticed that noted actor and sports figure Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson is promoting his YouTube channel. And watched his first video which has already got over a million views, so figure he knows what he's doing, but what do I care? Can trot out my own advice anyway:

1. Have a mood for each video

Got my own theories of entertainment focused on mood, so of course that's first. And mood should be SAME through entire video clip, and should be easy as videos tend to be short.

2. Have a consistent mood for videos

BEFORE I even click on the freaking video as yeah I subscribed I need to have a rough idea of how it is likely to make me FEEL and it better DELIVER. Which means, have a consistent SET of moods.

3. Forget the noise, range is NOT your friend

On YouTube if you range too much with the mood it will destroy your channel.

4. Forget celebrity, YouTube doesn't care

So except for really um, about to contradict myself but some look SO GOOD, but sure you know plenty of celebs but can just leave them off your channel. Sigh. I shouldn't give that advice. And have them anyway just for fun as won't help view counts.

5. Ignore all advice except mine

Forget any other advice others have given. Just use the above and your own knowledge of entertainment. Having been a performer, should be easy.

Take me seriously if you must but just got in a mood to type up something. I'm not taking me seriously. Going to post anyway as why not?

It's my blog.

Well that took all of ten whole minutes. Guess gotta go find something else now to entertain myself. Maybe I just write too fast? Nah. I'm just that good.

Oh almost forgot! Kick butt on that movie about the Man of Bronze. I figure you were born for that role as character came out before you were born am sure: Doc Savage

Even the freaking name is freaking awesome cool.

Ok, twelve minutes. Twelve whole minutes to write this post? Gotta practice more. But now to editing, and who knows how long that will take.

Oh yeah, no affiliation with The Rock, nor is this post in affiliation with any entertainment folks or YouTube guess should note. Just some guy who likes to babble on his blog. Is fun. Yeah.

James Harris
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