Thursday, July 14, 2016

Relief in community perspective

To me one way the web can test you is when you get the vague idea you should be making more money somehow, or worse you talk about a few things and have people who will TELL you as if is some absolute. Like they know.

Much to my relief a few years back motivated to work out how it all works, realized that much of what I do helps the global community without any reason to expect money in it. Whew.

So how do I think it works really to make money? I explained my guesses in detail in a post, but gist of it is, you have some form of upfront contract, and exchange legal goods or services, like your physical or mental labor, in exchange for money. Where I say money is just a social IOU, backed by society. For example the US dollar is backed by the US Government.

So yeah worrying about my own situation pushed me to study money in-depth and conclude it really wasn't explained well to me before! And with my own admitted musings was surprised simple explanations seemed to fit reality.

Of course they are MY ideas and I like them. Others are sufficiently warned that am just some guy musing along.

Oh, feel a need to also push some of my thoughts on promotion as well. To me LOTS of what you see on the web helps promote something and should not be paid for, like if someone is trying to sell me something and am checking it for quality, why should I pay for it first? Makes no sense.

Yes, there are lots of ways to make money. And yup, posted about when to charge, in my opinion.

Gist of that opinion is that you should charge when have an upfront contract to legally provide products or services to a stranger, not for community reasons. That is how that stranger can pay you back! As with community can be about helping your community without an immediate return on a favor.

But with a stranger, how else can that person pay back for a favor? Money lets that be immediate so that people can take for granted in countries all over the world walking into a strange place and having the favor of an item given to you by a stranger, in exchange for money. That is, you walk into a store and buy something.

But in contrast where is really about much more than a favor, like if you help a starving person with food, such a return is not necessary. Which is not really doing a favor either to me, but about what decent humans should do for each other.

However can create problems for communities figuring out how to pay properly for things NOT about favors either as so much about community, like firefighting, teaching, police work, other government services and yup, political office.

Which to me gets back to community perspective.

Simple approaches attract me.

Though will admit that does not mean they work!

But how much should I emphasize just talking my own ideas here without pretending to be an expert? But just in case, will note am NOT giving legal or monetary advice. Just talking out some ways of looking at money and business that I guess make sense to me.

There are also people who enjoy being out here on the web learning things, and talking a point of view. Doesn't mean am claiming expertise. And am not.

James Harris
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