Monday, July 11, 2016

One way social media motivates me

Really like social media but really not good at that getting followers thing, which is ok with me. But got me wondering, what does it really mean? So was motivated by social media with SO much emphasis on follower counts or whatever is related to having TONS of people show popularity, to figure it out.

Not surprisingly given admitted low numbers, like have 165 Twitter followers which is actually up, have concluded am ok and one of my posts with suggestions for using Twitter actually starts by noting how to keep your follower count low. I'm serious too.

Puzzling out social media lead me to the conclusion that people build audiences by being entertaining. Which is kind of a duh. But realized then I wasn't quite certain what entertainment was, so I made up a definition. Yup. Am serious on that as well

To me getting a functional definition for entertainment, as that's in contrast to a descriptive one, because I was wondering what all those follower counts meant, is such a BONUS. And have had it for over a year now, and it changes my perspectives will admit.

For each of us, I think is an interesting question, how good am I at entertaining? And I think it very useful that I can explain that functionally, as really is about what you can sense in others and help them feel.

To me that's more to the fun of it. As I say it's all about moods. And how people safely control them. And am now in the mood to stop typing. And thankfully have complete control, so will wind down this post. And end things here.

James Harris
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