Monday, August 07, 2017

Questioning and creativity

Got creative yesterday, and found myself tweeting, where questions seemed to be a big deal. And wondered what would look like if put in most of tweet stream here. So will be three tweets I think where will start with top one. If follow me on Twitter then already saw, yesterday.

First one:

Next one is about a poem that came before it.
And here is the poem, which really was mainly meant to be talking the subject. So not sure how creative it is really.

Have lots of thoughts on Twitter where would be nice to pull into one place, but would be nice to be easier. If is possible with something out there of which am not aware, oh well. Maybe will learn of it down the line.

But have found myself thinking about how much creating something with me is about asking a question, and will get an answer at times! Like asking myself, is there a poem in there to explain this concept?

Answer was, yeah. How good is it though? Is another question.

All of which has me pondering role of questioning with creativity. Why do we question, really? And still to me? Is writing to write, so will label that way. Will try to remember to use twitter label too, when have tweets in a post, as great way for me to keep up with ones that do too.

James Harris
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