Wednesday, August 09, 2017

More on authority matters

So I talk math but lots of it is WAY beyond what most can check. But if you can work a calculator a bit, you can check that the following 7 squares sum to equal a square:

349672 + 7522 + 1128+ 1880+ 26322 + 41362 + 48882 = 357212


And I invented some techniques and discovered some things which let me do that easily. And so much so that I didn't think much of it, until I wondered what I could see that mathematicians could do, as no am NOT a mathematician.

Couldn't find evidence they could do it at all.

Theoretically they knew it could be done though? I think. But I don't know really, just covering. Am NOT a mathematician.

So you may be looking at something humans never saw before, as didn't know how to do it. Or maybe not. I may just not have come across anything with web research.

Here's the thing though: if is something remarkable as a human first then mathematical experts should be excited, right?

Maybe, if it is. Maybe it isn't. They know.

We have zones of expertise. I rely on experts just like everyone else. Like if I need a car fixed? Going to take to an auto mechanic. I don't even care if could look up on the web how to fix! Would prefer to take to a professional.

Am a meta innovator though. So yeah there are situations where can go into an area where am not an expert, like with math, and maybe find something. I don't get too excited about it any more.

Figure will just hand off to experts and move on. As I don't tend to specialize. Though may revisit same area as have come back repeatedly to math as I like to play with numbers.

But what if the experts do not behave as expected? If you wish to dig into some behind the scenes where mention math without giving any of mine, read this post from a few days ago. Or you can read a recent post on authority on my latest blog Seriously Commercial.

Can get stuck with that possibility that maybe what you think is great? Isn't really.

Oh, so what's the point of math example at start? Well you may think when I talk about having some math that there is controversy over correctness. Nope.

Still can be hard for most to check. So just gave an example where is relatively easy. But how do you check to see if human beings could do it before?

Sorry, can't help with that one. I did lots of web searches. Got nothing close. Some people seemed to be wondering how to do it though.

Got lots of things like that though, which are not so easy to show.

But stare at such things and ponder. One reason like doing the numerical examples as there is no doubt for me. I look at the numbers and realize there is no escaping that truth. But why is there a part of me that is always so skeptical? I argue with myself so much.

Have gone through many emotions on subject where in past could get SO disappointed, or fantasize about things now know weren't the way would work anyway, as explained in a recent post about imagined television model.

So yeah, do something cool, even if math but have done other things too, never been done? You get attention. Big deal. No surprise. But try to explain!

Can seem really wacky I think, but is that just me imagining to myself too? Not like I get much feedback on subject.

James Harris
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