Saturday, August 05, 2017

When ideas draw constant attention

Doing a post meant to be behind the scenes a bit which also talks things that might make other things maybe make more sense. That is the motivation. At times it occurs to me that things I put here may lack context for others.

Like I have some ideas, like my functional definitions or my math discoveries, which draw attention. That attention is from around the world and is rather constantly global though the visible countries vary quite a bit. So like in last 24 hours according to Blogger this blog had visits from:

US, Switzerland, China, Colombia, Indonesia, and Ukraine

For me that's kind of a daily thing where US is usually there constant of course as is my home country, while others vary a lot. And don't check check much carefully any more, as has been that way for years. Oh, but yeah will check for a post like this one, and kind of glance at often on the daily at least the Blogger stats. Is another good reason to do a post like this one though so have information for later.

Where countries actually vary quite a bit, and Blogger will only show me top 10 anyway. To show up there though my understanding is that people have to allow it, where the details of how you allow are probably known. Like if you block certain things then I don't think you show up at ALL, with Blogger stats, or Google Analytics. And still my Google Analytics stats tend to be different.

Reality is I glance at Blogger stats more at least, as is easy enough. More rarely go into Google Analytics as more effort, and generally underwhelming unless I look at yearly.

What the stats help me see then is more of the tip of the metaphorical iceberg, and for instance, a country is more likely to show up in my stats presumably if enough people visit that the probability that at least some are not using tools to block sharing of information is high.

With a constant level of global attention will admit am MUCH calmer about it than years ago, and remember we're talking 365 days a year, where has been that way for enough years am not sure how long. Probably at least since 2008. This blog has been around since 2005, but a lot of web analytics became available later, like I think Google Analytics opened up in 2006? Going by memory so if off the mistake is mine. And Blogger stats are more recent still and don't even remember what year.

With ideas though, the attention is just going to be there. Not like the ideas will change. Which I think is easier to grasp with the math. Like 2+2=4, I like to say. The math things? Will NEVER change.

That lets me try things.

So not like someone else trying to build attention with a sense that a big mistake might mess things up for THAT, though could mess up for me other ways. I can endlessly try things without really caring that much that the attention will go away. Which gives me a bit of the attitude of a person who is relentlessly global without having to follow the rules other global people who don't have constant ideas drawing attention, must follow to keep it.

They MUST follow those rules. I don't have to follow ANY of those rules to maintain attention.

Sounds wild enough should give a bit more. Like I don't need to get press. And my celebrity? Increases if I don't do as much public, like this post! Or now, any of my public posts actually. I no longer have to post anything at all, but I like to write, so is ok. And not really into celebrity. That's enough though. Should not elaborate too much. Would just sound more weird. It's because the ideas drive the attention. They don't need me to talk about them either, beyond being introduced. Once introduced to the world? They roar off.

Used to mess with my mind watching it. I do have one of the best seats, in the world I guess, metaphorically. Now is not so visible which is somehow calming. Watching that ripple go around the globe? Would unsettle me, years ago. Watched so many and wondered much.

The ideas do all the work for me. And for ideas? Is effortless, 24 hours a day, without ever taking any breaks. The ideas will never stop working for me.

Don't even need the web for my most powerful ideas. They travel on or off the web. But they DO travel most efficiently and rapidly, on the web. The sheer speed is unbelievable. Web has changed so much so quickly.

For the world that is a benefit, as I think it does give a value to sharing freely, when you have ideas you think are powerful, important and useful for the good of the world.

I DO follow rules though! Yes, can get attention no matter what, but still am a human being who tries to get along well with others. Just noting that for the attention doesn't matter. The ideas do not care.

There were times though in the past where maybe was more, will say, grumpy than now. But SO MUCH to figure out. For a long time as have tried to explain, it just didn't make much sense to my preconceived notions!

However, have become more nice in recent years. Which feels so much better. And also if I wish to make money, then yeah, I need to behave! And follow rules that are JUST related to being commercial. If I were independently wealthy? Then I could just shrug it all off, but wouldn't. Just not that kind of person am glad to realize.

Is better to be polite and stay accountable, but that is irrelevant to the attention draw. My ideas will draw constant global attention, and some will direct at me, no matter what I do. Of course if I upset my fellow humans too much, they could make me VERY uncomfortable, so lots of reasons to behave.

This post is getting kind of long. But yeah, so can explain some of my behavior, and also explain a bit about some posts which can seem maybe farfetched. Reality is, after years of knowing just about anything I write will be read all over the world?

Am much calmer about it. I don't take it for granted though. And DO appreciate the attention.

Oh yeah though, but again yeah is just cast off. The ideas draw the real attention. So the vast bulk of the attention is going to the ideas. I just get a bit because of them. But is still HUGE from a certain perspective. But is cool.

For years was just waiting to see if would go away. And as the years go by and doesn't a part of you becomes more accepting. Besides it changes you, you know?

How could it not?

James Harris
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