Friday, June 09, 2017

My blogging reality

One of my favorite posts is from 2016, when I decided to give MY advice on how to use Twitter without getting many followers, which to me could also highlight how contrary I can be. And if curious here is a link to that post.

For those who'd like a synopsis upfront gist of it is: don't be entertaining.

If YOU think I'm entertaining then that is another subject and will not explain why I think that is in this post. But if you think about it long enough, you should be able to figure out why.

At that time I had 144 followers on Twitter which I noted and somehow, despite my efforts I currently have 196, where will admit have been pushing myself to allow it to go higher which may be why it is that high.

To me such information should be useful. Like I have 4 blogs now and have been blogging for over a decade and suspect I have some skills developed. These skills involve me doing what I like to do, which is write a lot. And I even have a post I conveniently noticed for this post where I talk about liking to write.

Yet I feel I should emphasize that yeah, am serious. I DO like to write. And I do like keeping my social media accounts in comfortable zones for me. And if you like things that way, maybe you can do things like I do, and watch in amazement as you succeed at keeping things low.

If you want millions of followers though I wouldn't do things way I do. Because that would be moving in the opposite direction. Duh.

Will admit though have been doing much more discussion with myself with shifting a little bit, where convinced myself can do that and mostly not really shift things much at all.

Which to me? Makes a lot of sense.

James Harris

Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Comfort in ideas

The web has let people disconnect from points in space for relevance to words or other content, so you can be anywhere in the world with web access, and share ideas.

That is such a big change it can be disconcerting. But it can also be comforting.

For me for years found my curiosity driving me to figure things out. And felt like had some success, as well as frustrations but has been a great adventure. Where more and more appreciate how you can think about things or as I like to say, muse and come up with some ideas, and put them out here on the web, and see what happens. And nothing may happen. But that's ok.

The ideas can be products of imagination, or creativity in problem solving, or kind of mysterious as where do ideas come from really?

Once in our world they can be endlessly reproduced, shared widely, and in our times that can be done with zero costs to the producer. So for instance I can take a picture and it can move all over the world without me being aware.

Yet value remains or the Mona Lisa in her home in France would no longer be the most valuable painting in the world, though her image is probably the most shared in the world. Should I even link there? It's not necessary. The fame and celebrity of the painting make that irrelevant.

So how is that possible? How can an image be shared endlessly but the source remain valuable?

Do people lose as their ideas flow around the globe if they cannot control that use?

Open source software says no. And without open source we would not have the web world that we do.

Yet how do you find values in ideas in the modern world? If you produce an idea, or as I prefer, discover it, how do you retain value? Can you?

Most of those who come up with ideas--yes those are ideas too--saying no, say is because humans are thieves who would prefer to steal than pay. That view of humanity is cold, dark, ruthless and can fuel certain types of business practices.

My view is there are basic rules, which simply need to be learned. And when people see value, most will return the favor given to them. But don't try to make people bend to your will.

The revolution in information distribution that is the web reality is just beginning to transform our world, as it is in its infancy. For instance, information still flows rather slowly in many ways in my opinion. Connections are still being formed through vast networks slowly connecting our world at speed. We have social media in its infancy, despite its clear power, especially political power and growing influence over commerce.

We have the Wikipedia but need more. We have vast amounts of human knowledge coming online, but need it all.

We are just beginning to see the possible.

Yet so much is just some musing. Some words typed by me as I think about such things. Ideas that can be easily shared, and if some others see value? Great! If not, am not diminished in the sharing. Started typing a few minutes ago. And fifteen minutes or probably a half hour after editing is not so much for me.

Ideas are there. Sharing is becoming a natural way. And the ideas? They can duplicate and flow as much as needed without diminishing. Ideas are harder than diamonds when correct. Flow better than water. And change, without losing anything.

Ideas are the catalysts which drive our future. And ideas are the comfort of tomorrow.

Ok, now to edit some. I'm tiring of typing.

And I think am done editing for the most part, but who knows. May still fiddle with this post here and there, indefinitely.

It fascinates me though, how easily it can all be. To go with the feel and flow, write some words, and put them up.

More fun than to not do it, for sure.

James Harris

Sunday, April 16, 2017

Facing reality is better

Recent posts have been LOTS about facing some things squarely which also settled some things, and is about problem solving. My three main blogs really are focused on solving various problems, like Some Math is focused on math, and Lost in Commentary is on politics, while this one the sky is the limit. And I had Beyond Mundane working on figuring out how to proceed with my new blog which is actually commercially focused, so I called it Seriously Commercial.

And the blog worked through questions raised in other areas, which pushed back to the other blogs to settle certain things where had not been clear. Will not go over again as the recent posts cover.

Bit of promotion here, as a recent post on my new blog covers three areas of attention: Public, Personal and maybe Press.

This blog is getting ready I think to going back to the usual, and yes I talk about my blogs as if they have personality as it's more fun! Also helps me keep things straight.

In the past the three main blogs worked together ALL the time, as I thought that was the way things should work, and routinely promoted each other. Now they just don't.

Turns out there's lots of theory as to why. But that theory is given across them, as I talk a lot about promotion and followers and social media, oh, mainly on this one. So I guess that theory is here.

Am more into focusing on labels, instead of giving links. Also like to suggest search!

Is SO cool when you have that option to just suggest people use web search and that can work with your content.

For instance you can search: Beyond Mundane promotion

And of course just did it after typing and looks like worked ok, for me.

Web search can be so individual though, and LOTS of posts did remember to label. The label is below this post. Can just click on it.

James Harris

Sunday, April 09, 2017

Chasing dreams too

For years I focused on simple discovery, admittedly wanting a major result of my own, where I had decided as a teenager back in the 1980's that I could achieve something big. Scanning possible areas I was tempted to go into fiction writing focusing on writing a great American novel, but was concerned that evaluation was too subjective from others. After some thought I decided that in mathematics I could rely on objective evaluation. I was 18 years old.

Now 29 years later, have gone more meta. With active discovery behind me, found my curiosity still piqued by innovation but do not want to be stuck in an area. With the label meta innovator I also give myself freedom to consider innovation wherever I find an interest in it.

Am really glad for those objective assessments as a teenager though. As human beings we are so competitive and who knows if I could have written a great novel or not, but now I know for sure I could have had a fight to get it recognized if I did. We are only now coming to grips as a species with how much of what we thought we knew of so many people was faked to preserve a certain point of view, deliberately excluding vast categories based on race, ethnicity and gender among other arbitrary things not relevant to reality.

Good news is the history is still available, so can still learn of people who were not properly cheered in their times so that others could take all the credit, who can still get a belated honor as humanity learns, more.

Always amuses me when people talk about chasing your dreams whatever they may be, because I DO agree, but some are best to maybe quietly nurture, especially if to succeed you will change your entire world in some way.

Like what if they knew for you to succeed would change their lives too? Better be a good dream then, eh? Is not like you're asking for permission.

Now am focused on the meta of knowledge itself and glad for dreams that pushed the notion of impossible out of my mind. Older and wiser am glad for what I did not know then, so I tried where I might not have, if knew better, and greatly appreciate the knowledge gained along the way.

Yeah, go chase your dreams and see where they take you. Worry not about recognition, or what others may believe or not, as long as you focus on good, look to benefit others as well as yourself, and have the fortitude to face challenges that will come.

Now am focused on the science of entertainment for practical reasons. I want better.

Is so much more fun and relaxing too, than looking for something so brilliant it will in some way help make a world shine a little brighter.

Entertainment? That's just so much more about fun.

James Harris

Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Understanding possibility works better

Sharing things public on the web is just fun for me, but also would at times wonder, and notice others of course who make TONS of money on the web. And there were times through the years when would wonder, how can I? And am I messing up some way with how am doing things?

It can mess with the fun if you have vague ideas that maybe you're being wrong with sharing as you do, especially if you get evidence of attention around the globe. Which is why I am glad I worked as hard as I did with figuring out things like how people make money.

And I worked on figuring out social media.

Where have tired of linking to things in posts and discovered you can find with Google search, usually. Or at least I can when I test. Like search: Beyond Mundane money flows

The other one on social media am not sure what search works best. But gist of it is, I noticed that BIG accounts on social media had an entertainment aspect, even if not in entertainment versus an importance aspect. Like government accounts could be HUGELY important but not very entertaining, and have low follow numbers. Weirdly enough though, my opinion based on my analysis was that it was how entertaining within that social media environment, so someone could be VERY entertaining on Instagram and less on Twitter, and account size would be HUGE on Instagram and not much to note on Twitter.

But what did it mean to be entertaining?

So I wondered about that and what entertainment is.

And THERE you should be able to find with search: Beyond Mundane entertainment

Didn't work as well as I thought it should when I just tried though. And have to emphasize talking about searching in Google, which luckily is the dominant one, as I don't get what I want in others when I've tried. Though note lately rarely bother except to see if things have changed.

Through it all have felt good to have answers that work for me! Does not make them correct. But if they work for others then I can gain confidence in them that way too.

For me my ideas are used daily now as I work hard to understand my world, and new possibilities.

Which is definitely needed as yeah, do need to make money, some way. And I think good thing is people support that at least. Where to me with SO much new that came at us so fast, it's no surprise can be stumbling around trying to figure that one out. Still wonder often at the people who seemed to get it quickly. How?

Public can watch major corporations still struggling on the daily to SURVIVE.

For so many of us, so many questions raised with so much change that came so quickly.

But am glad of path have taken. I'd rather know as best I can. And think have figured much out.

Where no longer feel cheated about anything. And am no longer worrying about how I share, except to share well. And no longer am anxious about my social media numbers.

Though am looking in places at being more entertaining to get bigger numbers, but that's hard!

Knowing the theory does not change the effort needed for certain things. Just makes it more clear what is needed.

James Harris

Thursday, March 16, 2017

When objective rules

The web is a connection engine really, facilitating rapid distribution of information on a global basis with minimal or even no cost, like for this blog I don't have to pay a fee. That has been a boon to our world though fights over distribution have been costly, with some desperate to hold on to streams of revenue consumers no longer wish to fill with THEIR money.

And objectively facing how information distribution changes our world is very helpful, and has been great for me! As I've found myself struggling often with how I feel about things or my preconceived notion of how things should be versus the objective reality of what can see from data like web analytics.

Objective rules though.

As years go by and find ways to check that web analytics data in other ways where work at it, realize it is hard data, is third party so not something I can influence anyway like Google isn't going to make up things for me, and there have to be reasons behind it.

One emotion though was easy for me for a LONG time, disbelief. That could let me just go back to whatever I was doing and didn't seem to work too badly as for a lot of years I was looking for that ONE thing that could break through, instead of figuring out what things had worked already.

Lately have focused better with a simple phrase I tell myself: objective measures

Telling myself to focus on objective measures and to that will also add: objective rules

Accept the hard data, wherever it leads. The truth is more important than my feelings.

Is weird though. If I just go with the hard data it is easier in many ways. Luckily have accepted to some extent all along, but also part of me would stay skeptical.

Kept looking for that one thing that would give certainty.

Finally accepting that hard objective data from third party sources is the thing.

And need to keep reminding myself to be very thankful too! To never forget that there are people out there who have made the difference, and without their interest, who knows? Luckily didn't have to find out.

Figuring out best how those abstract numbers represent people and groups of people, where I get a low estimate, has been a hurdle for me, where lots has been because of preconceived notions. In the past would prefer to blame slowly advancing technology of web analytics. Guess it's not slowly advancing. I'm slowly advancing, in ways.

Regardless am getting there. For those reading who have been reading through the years, yeah you've meant a lot to me, even though so often am guessing or just imagining who you are.

Is a cool thing. Our world is so much so often on that edge of discovery now. Nice to find a place there myself and have people along for the fun.

James Harris

Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Chasing inspiration from challenge

Talking more openly on several things has helped me a lot, really in facing objectively, and trying to figure out more. And occurs to me should give more context to help curious people make sense of things that can seem odd I would think, like my continuing global reach.

Why exactly could one person draw so much attention from so much of the world, so consistently for so long?

So do explain much of what I figure is why, in what follows but want to emphasize, to me is just a cool story. Which keeps getting more interesting. Of course is also my story. And I like it.

To me for a long time it was about math, but more recently I got data that challenged that view which was kind of a relief. And about the math will explain a bit more that one thing I did years ago, was notice a way to write a mathematical argument, which looks correct by established rules, which another mathematical argument can prove is incorrect by those same rules. And I wrote a paper and worked at getting it published until that happened. So at that point I had made history. To me it was really cool and I prepared myself for global attention and there was to be follow-up papers I presumed, with help from mathematicians I was confident I would get.

Then math journal's chief editor tried deleting it out of electronic journal after publication. Journal managed one more edition then shutdown. University which had hosted journal scrubbed all mention of it from its websites. And I pondered that things weren't going way I thought.

Still was a neat trick. Probably will be only person in human history to do it dramatic that way, because of the problem I found. So to me? Was an opportunity I could not pass up! And problem is STILL there by the way. Means in mathematics someone could write something that passes ALL the checks as correct in place now, which is actually wrong. Will be handled properly someday, I'm sure.

And it's JUST information regardless.

That wasn't the only time was challenged by an unexpected response, as back in 1996 had a paper rejected as too simple by a math journal and I didn't push it back then. Well I was only 26, and there I found a simple way to solve a problem that was around 2000 years old, and in fact even Sir Isaac Newton had a crack at it. But supposedly it got solved recently in a complex computer aided proof so complex I'm not sure they've finished checking it (I think they have not wanting to web search to be sure). To me? Easier to just figure, well I can't see anything wrong with my idea but why worry about it? If I'm right it's not like answer will change.

And decided to challenge myself with such things to test myself with the simple idea: if I'm right, what else can I do?

Rather than focus on convincing others, became intrigued with convincing myself not with thoughts, but with accomplishments, in the real world. But how to know? Would figure it out.

To me had this unique opportunity to consider myself abstractly and ask myself what I would do if could have access to someone who could do such things? And that makes for an excellent adventure.

Eventually got tired of mathematicians sitting on things with the silent treatment as did other things, and wandered off into other areas. And also began to study how they were succeeding! Like that way I found to produce a seemingly correct math paper which is wrong? That is a BIG DEAL. Will admit have monitored mathematicians slightly to see if they dared recently claim a big proof in certain areas where I know it would allow a fake result to look correct. Will not say if it has been exploited before as that gets into harder areas.

But you can see how easy it is under current world systems to hold me in check if I'm the ONE person noting such things. For instance reporters go to the experts, and I'm NOT a mathematician. I just happen to have some mathematical discoveries.

But of course if others can just check and see then that would keep attention draw in place. And my results ARE easy to check by people with mathematical training. But most people don't have that training or even like math. So you can see yeah is easy to hold the status quo, if others who know are silent.

My estimates are low-ball ones for global attention on purpose.

Chasing inspiration became fun for me as I gained the opportunity to endlessly challenge myself with the freedom to go wherever my interests took me, with a feeling there was a point to it bigger than myself.

Guess people all over the world do notice in some way. I've grown used to knowing there will be that interest. And why wouldn't there be?

So yeah, I defined mathematical proof in a functional way because I needed to check my mathematical arguments without being able to just have mathematicians say good or not. And came up with a functional definition of science because was frustrated at how people were talking climate science. And defined entertainment to help me explain follower counts on social media.

Studying much I've learned far more than especially if back in 1996 had faced global recognition and headlines around the world about the hard to explain thing. Or even back in 2003, when a crushing weight of attention could have been there with a world pondering the meaning of a massive flaw with established mathematical ideas, which I should add just needed what I see as a little tweak. Um yeah did come up with a fix for the problem. So fun but too esoteric to explain here.

That is SO much where the fun is, when you get to fix things!!!

No way would miss that opportunity either. Worked hard at it too. Figuring out the fix. Seems like a lifetime ago now. But really was about different ways of looking at things more than the years.

Now far older at 47, and with far less energy with which to chase, am rather happy with how things have worked for me at least. Challenge was inspiring, and I would not give up the knowledge I have now.

And I wonder how could I have found it, any other way.

Oh yeah, so being more transparent about it all. Through the years have tried many ways to explain. And now will admit am less concerned with what might work to convince. It does feel good to just talk it.

Will admit though, would be nice to resolve it. Still amazes me, especially certain things. Study it as I might, and with SO many answers still puzzles remain.

And can see is such a wild story can be hard to process let alone discuss, and I lived through those things. Had a lot of fun too along the way should add. Sure at times was really stressed or felt tested, but to me was an opportunity.

Where would answering the challenges take me? Still curious.

James Harris

Tuesday, March 07, 2017

My confidence in use

Would readily admit am not the type of person to contact some scientist and say hey, here's a functional definition of science, you're welcome. While on my own blog of course can present ideas I think can be useful.

However, does mean some might wonder, how do I think my ideas will ever...ok, I wonder too. How will these ideas ever become a part of established systems?

The answer to me as to how I proceed, versus contacting experts directly which I stopped doing years ago, is to focus on the usefulness of an idea along with the ease of information distribution the web provides.

Like I have math ideas which are useful, I think. I can see evidence of that use from various web sources like checking on search ranking which is about linking to content.

Oh yeah, our objective reference reality is really cool. Which I think is correct from the science of cool, where when first heard that scientists had studied and defined it, was very skeptical! And will leave to web search those who might want to pursue and no, has nothing to do with my ideas. Like I said, was very skeptical and also intrigued when found was a studied subject by scientists.

And using that definition of cool which I now accept as was convinced, will note that being able to rely on people outside one's community for important information is a HUGE advance for our species. And some people haven't made it based on their inability to disbelieve things they are taught from within a community.

Web search is about relying on linking behavior from what I've read about it, and focusing on linking is the advance made by the founders of Google with their PageRank algorithm. And I say that web authority will dominate more and more, and is VERY different from say, just asking your parents or some adult authority for information or advice. We have people who take web search in growing areas for granted now.

As people find use with my ideas that can push things--if they do.

To me that makes for a dynamic system which relies on objective measures and yes, opinion of others, but also if I'm correct rewards people who find my ideas and choose to use them, if they are better than others around!

If my ideas are not better then why would I want people using them? I would not.

But for instance, with a science of entertainment, if my ideas CAN work then they can bring predictive certainty into making entertainment, without making doing so any easier.

Like you can know the definition of cool, but does it make it any easier to be cool? No.

It's like science has also defined the joke. And again, you can just do the web search to go check me on such things.

However, knowing the proper structure of a joke, and the science of it, does NOT mean you can tell a joke and get laughs and certainly doesn't make it certain can write one.

Which is like writing as well I think. As there is a method to writing, sure but also an art, as you want people to read to the end.

And if you did, thank you! Now please ask yourself why.

James Harris

Sunday, March 05, 2017

What moving on taught me

To me my story is kind of boring in that can give certain things so quickly. Like yeah, figured out some things in expert areas where the experts refused to properly acknowledge, which greatly upset me for a bit. Then I realized I could NOT make certain people do what they should, and other people couldn't really tell as lacked the expertise, and besides I could figure other things out. And the web happily draws attention to things that work, so I got a global presence anyway.

It's like, imagine you find a HUGE diamond in the rough, you think, so take to diamond experts who refuse to acknowledge it is one. But you figure out how to check, and yup is one, and one of the biggest ever found so you're suspicious of their motives. But to other people? It's just this big rock. How are they supposed to know is really a diamond and is one of the biggest finds ever? That's what experts are for.

Moving on to other areas though helped me tremendously as I worked on things like how we know, or think we know things. Took my functional approach into other important areas like in defining science, and was fascinated when I could use it to define entertainment, and even bring the two things into a science of entertainment.

Tempted to link a lot to posts covering those areas but Google search works! Just do searches like: beyond mundane experts

But yeah you need to use Google.

And in the area of entertainment, remarkably enough, experts have less influence over the outcome as entertainment is about the audience. Experts in the entertainment industry can just ignore me, if they wish, but they can't just sit back if that audience shifts, as it will move them, guaranteed.

It's like, if entertainment executives wish to keep doing certain things, and produce certain things that no longer draw an audience? Then they're out of business. Unlike experts in other areas who depend on society and public funds, so they can ignore me indefinitely, I guess.

And the audience? Well they get better entertainment! And who doesn't want that?

I know I do. So it's simple. I'm getting more benefits this way too, and having MUCH more fun.

Sounds so dramatic though. Gist of it is just that if I have good ideas with the science of entertainment, bringing predictive certainty into helping people control mood, feel more confident would have a reported benefit. And also feel like have more options if certain folks also try that silent treatment thing. Because audience has the real power and isn't likely to be pleased with such shenanigans.

That silent treatment is so mean.

Eventually then things might even work back, to those other experts who might then get dragged into the limelight. Society sees what they've done and yanks THEIR public funds.

Weirdly enough these things ARE big enough that one way or another, will get worked out, and entire thing works out great for the human species.

So instead of me just focused in some expert areas, producing things very important in highly specific areas, I was forced to range, and I DO appreciate it, now.

It's SO much more entertaining. And I know as I defined entertainment as a result, as was motivated to develop some rather remarkable intellectual tools unlike any in human history.

And I think all makes for a much better story as well.

World wins.

Still editing, and reading back through? That plan given reeks of desperation. Well at least it has lots of fun in it for real. Remarkably though? Should work. And I may be one of the few people in the world who has developed the expertise to know why.

Letting go can be so important, as it can free you, to do more. Moving on taught me so much more than if I'd focused in one area with a few people, trying to convince. It let me discover and learn, so much more.

James Harris

Social Awards 2017: Winners

Annual Beyond Mundane Social Awards.

Showing appreciation for excellence in the past year in helping our world communicate through computing devices.

1. Best Social Organization Major--award is appreciation for the best overall company in social media designated as major by total number of users. Includes organizations with greater than 100 million active users for the entire evaluation year. 

Winner of 2017 BMSA's BSOM is: Facebook

2. Best Social Organization Junior--award is appreciation for the best overall growing company in social media not designated major as determined by total number of users or subordinate status to a larger parent organization.

Winner of 2017 BMSA's BSOJ is: Pinterest

3. Best User Interface on a Social Media Product--award is an appreciation for excellence in providing means of communicating that best enables users, with a worldwide focus. Social media crosses many language and cultural barriers which test the limits of humanity's ability to communicate.

Winner of 2017 BMSA's BUI is: UI Apple

4. Best Coder(s) in Open Source Software Product(s)--open source allows the ability to see which code works, and excellence in coding should be recognized in order to facilitate more of it. 

Winner of 2017 BMSA's BC is: Linus Torvalds

5. Best in Social Media--award is appreciation for the person, group or organization which has pushed the envelope in advancing social media in a way of greatest benefit to the world. It is meant to be a measure of substantial esteem, and to set the bar for excellence, to those who in prior year showed the best that is possible, so far.

Winner of 2017 BMSA's BEST is: Innocence Project

Thank you to the people who help connect our world in ever more ways and especially those who through their excellence help push the limits of what is possible in a way that benefits us all.

There is no monetary benefit stated or implied. No medals, statutes or certificates to be presented of any kind. There is no expectation of benefit to me of any kind, nor any expectation of benefit to awardees or nominees of any kind. There is no obligation given nor implied to any party with regard to these awards.

I am acting as a private entity, with an expression of opinion.

I am permanently excluded from any Beyond Mundane Social Award.

James Harris

Thursday, March 02, 2017

When stranger focus helped

Focusing on favors with money helped me understand it quickly, as for instance can have the favor of a cup of coffee from a friend, or can have a kind stranger just about anywhere in the world happily hand me a wonderful cup of coffee, in exchange for a social IOU, which is a promise to them they can get something for themselves later, we call money.

On this blog I have a fan approach, and have talked what I call fan or for favor on my new blog, where I can't talk names without getting paid for it, as a rule I made up for THAT blog. But here can talk company names without it meaning there is any connection to that company, and am a fan of Starbucks and also Peet's Coffee and Tea. Nice HUGE corporations that need no advertisement from me! But it fascinates me to realize just how far you can go with simple ideas.

So yes, you are a stranger when you walk through the door into a comforting and welcoming environment where strangers to you, happily brew you the best cup of coffee they can, or should, and you return the favor with money, by buying your drink. Brilliant!

Explained that way it's SO simple. So I like that example.

Community IS different. And you can now easily figure out why some people can make SO much more money, primarily from strangers, as that is how the system is focused, and others more community focused can make so much less, like teachers or firefighters.

The monetary system is NOT designed to show value.

Monetary system IS designed to trade favors--between strangers.

You can mess yourself up much in this life if you think monetary value shows things it does not.

Community still matters more actually. That requires some thought as well to figure out.

But I DO find it comforting.

Want to chase my musings on such subjects? An easy way is to click the label below this post called--money.

Or not, the choice, of course, is yours.

James Harris

Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Social Awards 2017: BEST detail

The nominees for the final category for my own appreciation awards to be announced March 5th, have been set.

Best in Social Media--award is appreciation for the person, group or organization which has pushed the envelope in advancing social media in a way of greatest benefit to the world. It is meant to be a measure of substantial esteem, and to set the bar for excellence, to those who have shown the best that is possible, so far.

Nominees are to be listed person or people first, followed by groups, followed by companies, in alphabetical order, which is by last name for people but first significant name for companies.

Nominees for 2017 BMSA's BEST are: Diane von Furstenberg, Elon Musk, Donatella Versace, Condé Nast, Facebook, Innocence Project

This category tries for the widest functional range.

Social is increasingly speaking the language of our world, in all its many diverse languages and ways to communicate, while for practical reasons, as live here, am focused narrowly primarily here in the US. From my perspective as one person, and in a pivotal year as 2016 was, will note as usual are some arbitrary areas of exclusion, like for political or religious figures.

Consistent for this category, each of these nominees was a pathfinder showing the best of what is possible with social media last year.

Emphasis is on social relevance.

Another major factor across social media is help in discovery.

These nominees were the best in my opinion in continuing the conversation, for a planet.

With these all nominees have been set.

Now it comes down to my final opinion.

And then to announce the winners, which will happen March 5th.

James Harris

Sunday, February 26, 2017

When attention is challenging

Over two decades ago I found myself working at some problems for fun, with the general desire to keep the mind exercised, and in time found myself certain that some things I discovered were a BIG DEAL where so much of what happens next is about others, if that is true. Luckily for me the web was in the process of becoming a big deal during that time.

If I understood earlier things I know now could have processed attention I found myself receiving in a different way. But my perspective was 20th century, so when I finally got Google Analytics on my blogs, including this one back in 2007, was a shock to see visits from lots of countries. Actually that's when I first looked up how many countries there were, as hadn't really wondered before.

Problem though was, besides those web analytics numbers I really didn't have much of an indication.

So imagine you have some ideas, where mainly I had some math, and you're trying to see where that can go, where yeah can put things out on the web! Like in the movies they do that all the time. And finally you see web data and it shows visits from MOST of the countries in the world, and you're like, huh?

For a bit was looking around trying to see if I was missing something. Then was wondering if the data was just wrong. Then got back to figuring I was missing something, and in many ways it's been like that ever since.

Now though I accept that yes, I have been getting visits from people from all over the world, where use a lot of techniques now to check, including cross-checking against 4 blogs, and trying to find other ways to measure and other companies besides Google.

So how is it possible though? And how to handle the emotional challenges?

Apparently it is possible because the web not only makes it possible it enables people like me in situations like mine. Web actually may in some sense be intrigued by my situation.

And I'm making up the questions for me to answer so wanted to point out emotional challenges must exist! Like were times I felt cheated. Where have worked through much of how have handled on this blog. But yeah got motivated to understand how the world worked, not surprisingly.

There were times really got frustrated too, should admit, and that spilled over into public things. Where it did not work well. For me there were disappointments in terms of my expectations I had to work through.

I learned.

So what can you do with global attention? Lots, but carefully.

Years ago was much more gleeful in testing all kinds of ways. And learned, be careful. I have responsibilities to my world, and myself of course. I think as the years go by, more and more appreciate the situation and recognize people have a right to expect certain things.

As humanity progresses and science and technology advance, things actually always shift in ways that people can't predict before. Then it is just the new normal. It can be hard to get perspective on just how much the 21st century is already different from the 20th, but I DO try.

And I have LOTS of motivation.

James Harris

Wednesday, February 22, 2017

My attention reality and commerce musings

The idea that where people direct attention can be related to commerce isn't at all new. While I've enjoyed for quite some time what I recognized as a sharing reality with what I put up public. Which here continues. But I finally decided to try and go commercial with a blog which is in the process, which I decided to call Seriously Commercial so I'd stay focused.

But I can't just set out to do things like they've been done, as for one thing I think that's less effective and also, it makes me feel uncomfortable. For instance I've noted that I don't get paid to talk anything, and have a position that if that changes I would inform where I put a page on Seriously Commercial to keep up with such things. Now of course notes no paid endorsements.

To some extent it feels odd to note such things but then again I do talk about global reach which potentially could be used for moneymaking purposes, I'd think. Have thought such things before! And finally interested enough to work at it a bit.

However, I believe that directing attention works best if done best as great referral.

Which to me is a very different way from like, a television show which will take ads with whatever system they use for picking them and I don't know. Do know have seen plenty of commercials where am like, oh no.

There are areas where I've focused more objectively like noting areas where I have measures from others showing interest, various things I've done have pulled from quite a few countries. It makes sense that with that information I have some ideas about what it takes to interest my fellow human beings all over planet Earth. So kind of convoluted.

Well at least that seems logical to me!

So yeah, I haven't done anything paid to direct attention, and created a blog to handle that kind of thing, which means other areas like here remain free to just do like I've been doing. Will note that am thinking of my Facebook page as a place to support the commercial blog, so it links to it.

To me it's really cool as to be someone who has demonstrated can get global attention for over a decade who has been very careful to be very wary on the money-side is comforting to me now.

SO many convoluted sentences in this post! But subject area makes me way uncomfortable.

My focus on sharing information as I have has been pragmatic to me.

And more than likely? Is how I got to learn so much. If I had been money focused earlier it's probable that would have changed lots and even now am not really money focused as sharing interesting things is so much more fun.

James Harris

Sunday, February 12, 2017

Social Awards 2017: BSOM detail

Like to give my own appreciation for those I felt exemplified the best in social for the prior year and am continuing this year, with my choices to be announced March 5th, nominees for the first category have been set.

Best Social Organization Major--award is appreciation for the best overall company in social media designated as major by total number of followers. Format will remain to the best of my ability to determine will use organizations with greater than 100 million active users for full year. Nominees are listed in alphabetical order. Nominees may be a main company or a subsidiary.

Nominees for 2017 BMSA's BSOM are: Facebook, Google+, Instagram, SnapChat now Snap, YouTube

This category is still rather stable and will admit am beginning to wonder more about format changes while still just getting started but for now is simpler to just keep going recognizing that reality.

Too many of the same, year to year. There has to be a way to make things more lively here. Must ponder.

Establishing my opinion in picking one above the others I am focusing on social relevance, with a local or global emphasis.

And Google+ makes the list this year after dramatic changes including a complete rewrite from the ground up.

The emphasis on social relevance is related to ease of use, which includes user interface, as well as the power of discovery, which can have a local or global focus.

Privacy will continue as a major issue, as well as transparency.

And of great importance as usual is the overall feeling of control of the experience.

The best in social give as much control as possible, while facilitating interactions with other people, with the greatest security.

In finding a best for this category the opinion this year will hinge on innovation where noted a push for video, based on my usage and that of others. Social is more and more helping to show our world in all its diversity which is a constant factor.

Best companies in social facilitate showing the full spectrum of humanity to best advantage.

Social continues to be the focus. So must be about connections made, in the real world, where looking at local or global I can cover the enormous potential given.

James Harris

Monday, February 06, 2017

Reads great on mobile

Posts here will format for your mobile device, like your smartphone. And reads well! Just checked it myself. So yeah you can read posts here easily enough, on your smartphone or other mobile device.

If you can do voice search, just say: beyond mundane

Yuck, only got #2 when did that search! Hey, if lots of people click on the blog...maybe we can get #1. Really like having that position.

But yeah, will format for your mobile device and I say, why not check it out?

One of those nice things that Blogger can do.


Saturday, February 04, 2017

One way you can help

One way you can help me, is if people are talking entertainment, and if you believe it should add, can casually state: well entertainment really is just a way people use to safely control mood.

Or something like that. Just two important elements: control of mood and safety

And that's it!

Executive summary of my situation

Discovered some important and powerful things including important ideas in several areas. However ran into a silent treatment from established experts. Also struggled with anxiety with the attention I found I was getting primarily from analytics provided by Google, which for years questioned.

But also for years I reacted by discovering more, and branching out into different areas, which became immensely satisfying. However, I also discovered the difficulty with leveraging the attention for monetary purposes, without credibility from established sources. Which means have struggled financially. And have had very little money for long periods of time, relying on family and community help.

Turning my curiosity and analytic techniques on to the problem simply defined money, monetary systems and attention reality to understand celebrity and promotion.

Now having finally convinced myself of the validity of my ideas with my own techniques am turning my attention to resolving the situation.

However, simple conclusion now is: need to make relevant contacts who will accept the above and help me. There is only so much can do on my own.

The entertainment industry I've realized offers a possible way to more easily show value to others, escape needing experts, break the silent treatment tactics that have worked surprisingly well for certain ones of them, and move forward.

It is not clear however how well this path will work compared to others so uncertainty for me continues.

James Harris

Friday, February 03, 2017

When other people are required

There are three areas where I can focus simply, to talk some of the problems I need to solve, where yeah, other people are required for certain things to happen. Like I note I found some math, and yes, you can search to find it with: some math

Still would need some mathematical experts for things to MOVE. Like imagine a reporter wanted to do a story. There's no story there. Just some guy noting he found some math. BUT a couple of mathematicians chime in? How about two or three leading mathematicians? THEN the reporter would have a story, and it'd be a giant one.

And I made up my own functional definition of science. I claim it can explain science, tell you when someone is doing science or not without you needing expertise,, so what? Just me talking. But get a couple of scientists? See? Have a consortium of scientists excitedly talking about this thing, and yup, you have a news story that could lead on papers around the globe.

So why won't they? Who cares. Main thing is I've went down that road somewhat and found doors closed. But I say, who needs those people? Um, ok if I want anything to MOVE with those prior two things, I do. But what if I can just move on?

So we reach entertainment and something fascinating happens, I do NOT need experts.

One of my recent posts sets forth a science of entertainment, which may seem esoteric. If you want an example and are sci-fi motivated you can read my analysis of the BattleStar Galactica reboot to see some early work before I even decided really was a science. Or read me discussing what I call the mood line.

My functional definition of entertainment has the unique ability of helping you understand what entertains you and others, better.

It also lets me deconstruct entertainment including current entertainment which I do NOT do publicly in general, as it can ruin it for some people. Like I watch a movie or a television show I'm often analyzing why it is entertaining. I can even see mistakes as they happen that mess up the mood line. And can see areas of improvement, on the fly.

But like do you REALLY want to know why you're so fascinated by zombies (if you are)? Or why people in capes are interesting? Or how that drama really pulls those emotions from you? I do. Most don't I'm sure.

Good news is that understanding the 'why' of entertainment doesn't mess things up, as it just focuses on YOUR mood, if I'm correct!

But unlike with my work in mathematics or my functional ideas about science, with entertainment I simply need YOU.

I prefer to be entertained anyway. And if my ideas are correct?

The entire world can be better entertained. I find the very idea exciting. Sure world can use math things and science is kind of important but those things take time and in the meantime, I like to have fun. And if I can help a world, why not?

And been working on it for a little while now. Have you noticed the difference yet?

Yeah, sounds kind of, um wacky. Sometimes feel kind of pulled along by my ideas. As yeah, if I can define science which is a big one, then why can't I define a science of entertainment? It's like it seems straightforward then I think implications if correct, then kind of tell myself to stop thinking of such things to control the shaking, or the nausea. I like the shaking better than the nausea.

But yeah can't get ANYWHERE with those other things unless certain experts will support my ideas. And I have some big things that are over a decade old. One is over twenty. Other thing with support from experts is sharing the sense of responsibility. Like hey, not just me with these things. Got other people on the hook too!

The web supports me NOW though, but we're still in transition. In time web authority will be enough.

It is so new but is actually better support for a lot of reasons.

However, I can shift easily enough. And with a global reach? Yeah, I can impact the world of entertainment and it IS fun, and it IS a service, to the globe.

Yeah still sounds wacky. Not feeling nausea though which is good.

Well those are things I tell myself. What would YOU do with global reach?

Besides gives me back a sense of opportunity. Waiting on other people is a pain. And understanding entertainment is win-win. Will admit enjoy entertainment much more now. Even though I tend to analyze much. But that's just part of who I am.

James Harris

Thursday, February 02, 2017

Some yearly stats

Figured may as well give some stats for yearly blog visitors, and then talk about kind of things that run through my mind including what I like to think is a functional perspective.

And going to Google Analytics to make this post and just picking the fun things. That is, things most dramatic and country counts then:

84 countries for the year 2016, 547 cities within those countries.

And the language count is kind of interesting too, so: 57 languages

Presumably that's helped by Google Translate. Oh yeah, yeah, yeah, Thank You! To those who visit here!

Need to express that more. So working on it. Um, back to stats.

And now am curious, so will go back to 2015:

49 countries, 247 cities

25 languages

Interesting big change. Can I go back to 2014? Yes.

65 countries, 325 cities

31 languages

And that's just some numbers. And I puzzle over such things wondering why. And is ONE blog where I have 4, and 3 of the 4 have these kinds of numbers. Where one tends to only have readership from around a dozen countries. Ok, should check. And yeah, my blog Lost in Commentary had visits from 10 countries for 2016, and 47 cities though in those countries. And 4 languages.

Usually I don't link between blogs. In the past they all linked to each other, but I was checking some things and delinked them YEARS ago and it's easier that way. Cross comparisons help though so I can see it isn't just some random thing! People aren't just maybe tending to visit tons of blogs or something and reality is, how do they know where a blog is anyway? It's a highly particular activity going to a blog.

Functionally I tend to post things and then start checking as best I can what is the impact of a particular post, which is more an art than science which I don't like. And yes, conceivably could look at making it a science but oddly enough, not very motivated. I'd just focus and focus and focus on those country counts and wonder.

So yeah am then known in a LOT of countries, probably, I guess, if you accept those stats from Google Analytics and why not? Easier for me when I just kind of shrug. But I don't think that's um constructive? Healthy? Adult?

Well it beats the alternative. When I post something? Yeah, I suppose there are people reading. And that's the way I like it.

And that is human interest reported by a third party. Why would Google lie? I have pondered such things and they have no reason. Sure you may wonder if I'm giving accurate info, which is why I've also referred to things that are public where the numbers are MUCH bigger. Like for my open source project Class Viewer with 4138 downloads from 109 countries. Ok will link to it here too, when usually don't.

The stats are publicly available as is an open source project on SourceForge but I don't link directly to the stats as I see it as a waste of the server. More people might click a link than really care, and those who care can do the work to get to them.

Each of my things is in its own lane though, which took me years to accept. People drawn to this blog aren't necessarily interested in my open source project even though it links to here. Part of a vague idea I had over a decade ago that didn't play out the way I thought.

Human interest fascinates me. Feel like I just sort of wandered into this reality of having things that can interest people in lots of places and started THEN to note, hey am a guy who knows things that interest people all over the planet, maybe I should study that, so I do.

Reading back through, prefer to give less of my thinking as is cleaner writing I think. But it is worth it to me to have that down, kind of thoughts that must drive decisionmaking too. Sometimes it's good to put them out there to study. And if helps others see my perspective, good too.

James Harris

So what happened

Realized may as well put down in writing situation as I see it more personal. Kind of get close at times but making another effort here with this post. And big thing was wanted to do something important with my life like many people do, and ended up focused on ideas and discovery.

Well aware of my limitations though I figured I'd pick an easy area for me in a difficult subject area, and try to get lucky, where can be hard to explain how that works, but understand was looking for easy. Technically I concentrated on elementary methods in mathematics, which means avoiding all kinds of hard analysis, including calculus, though I ended up finding something where did it anyway, as was needed. That result if true is one of the biggest in mathematical history. But how do you know? You can't know just from me saying here or anywhere. Others would have to agree for most to know, though some can check me easily enough.

But that was all on the side. Had a job and was thinking about careers and for awhile was professional software developer which made sense as have been coding since was 12, but bounced around with lots of things as also have wanted to be a writer. So I gave myself permission to do much, to learn about as much as possible, and settle down later and maybe even try to write a book.

Then ran into what looked like overwhelming success with discovery, multiple times. Each time was a shock to the system really. Luckily and oddly after some things that looked WAY too big for me to really have I ran into a period where math things I had were just wrong, wrong, WRONG and the self-doubt ultimately helped me massively. That may sound odd, but at 26 I had a result which is the least one I talk, which if correct would put me on the map at a level hard to explain. Later I struggled and it made me feel better. My abilities had to have limits. Figuring out how to know though, I defined mathematical proof itself with my first functional definition. Just so I could be able to check myself.

The web was developing during this time, and that really became important for me with ease of distribution of information.

So while I was struggling with convincing myself around my own ideas and also at times trying to convince experts to some extent, the web let people just check things out regardless and only now do I understand certain basic realities.

Like human interest is rather picky!!! And in fact, it's smarter to question myself than to question an objective reality showing it. Which guides me now as a smarter way to think about it.

That is, to me it is hard to fathom drawing interest at certain levels, but if objective measures say ideas I have do, then go with the objective measures. I used to joke about challenging Google as it seemed easier than processing what the data was saying.

Getting wordy. Wondering if I've wandered away from goals of this post.

Ok, so reality is that objective measures agreed with the assessment I had found important things, and some people were not doing what was expected and some other people were still doing things based on the way things had been. That is, mathematical experts clearly decided they could sit tight on my results, and the press just had no clue about anything. I watched them with the recent American presidential race with fascination. Concluded that most in the press, still do not understand the web, at all.

I branched out for good reason. There were things I wanted to know! And if I had these discoveries at the level it appeared I did, then I'm like, well I should be able to do more! And that challenge meant I could look for answers to some big questions, not as a person who was looking to prove himself really, but as a curious person who almost felt like he had this unbelievable opportunity.

So I took my functional approach to science with a definition. That definition allows me to check scientists will note, without needing to understand their field in detail. I wanted to help the climate change debate, which was the primary motivation.

More recently my curiosity turned to entertainment, so I could understand the 'why' of it. There finally I had something that could go beyond a narrow audience of experts too! I realize that is most likely why country counts for this blog jumped so high suddenly. It was relevant to more people.

If correct, these ideas can change the lives of every single person on planet Earth, not just because say, math or science is important, but also because entertainment is such an integral part of the human experience.

Lots of times I see myself as just some guy. And I come across these things, like writing. And part of me knows I wrote these things, but is even better when years ago and feels distant. As it's like I'm coming across things written by's hard to explain. But THAT person who yes is me, but feels different has a confidence that fascinates me. Seems to look at reality as if seeing through it. And makes predictions that come true. Puts out ideas that move the world. And then just keeps on going as if were NOT a big deal at all.

While I focus on the day-to-day and worry about things like paying bills and making a living. I'm the aspect of that person who gets to consider how to live with my fellow humans, and keep things going when the other part of me isn't in the process of changing the world in some way.

It's like living in a comic book reality, Marvel version.

It is an odd perspective. For over two decades it has worked for the most part though yeah I understand the web. And I am both aspects in one person. Press people who still operate with 20th century methodologies are actually at my mercy. And have no tools whatsoever as far as I'm concerned. That sounds a little wrong to me, and kind of has suited me to some extent. Maybe am just really surprised. Press demystified. But also, the situation does put me in a position of figuring out basics like how do you make money while sticking with ideals and other practical realities.

On any given day my words echo around the planet and mostly in a web way. I could possibly negatively impact organizations that refuse to acknowledge my existence, but would rather not. And as I learn more and appreciate the time to learn, I prefer the path I've taken. The gentle way which turns away from force, and focuses on core humanity and working for a better future.

This post is kind of all over the place. Gist of it really is, I get attention and have ideas that get attention in a world that isn't so good at reporting properly on that reality, so I focus on a better world but do so in a way that is not about making people, but at looking at sharing information best.

Besides there is no rush. So much to learn. Always.

Reading back through can tell maybe more disappointed with the press than usually admit. But then again admitted already found myself rebelling against the idea of celebrity anyway, but should admit here not clear how might apply to me regardless. I'm into ideas. Math things. Defining science. But yeah entertainment ideas might drive some.

Main thing I got I think is time to settle down and get used to certain things, though also it's really cool on a constant basis. For me adventure is just deciding to have some, but always also to keep it in control, though I realize, control must have its limits.

Grew up in a rural area, with certain ideas about way things might go, even if REALLY lucky, and came across some ideas that changed everything far beyond my imagination. But also web had to be here so ideas could easily distribute. And it is. The web is so much that I find it endlessly fascinating.

We are the first humans to finally live in a time when for just about anyone, as guess still important limitations like needing to live in areas where free to speak, your ideas in and of themselves can pull attention globally because they can distribute so easily. You can finally rely on pure thought, if you can put it down some way, like writing on a blog.

That web distribution reality is what made it possible, but my discovery had to be there.

And now by objective measures...well have talked endlessly about it. Think covered enough here.

James Harris

Wednesday, February 01, 2017

Facing fear of attention?

Years ago was doing ok in San Francisco having finally gotten over most of my rage at not having some math results of mine--properly acknowledged in my opinion, but also was just having so much fun which surprised me. Got there and went from temp to perm with a job doing data entry. Found myself a regular at the top karaoke spot, and convinced myself only a few things were lacking. Like wanted to find THE woman of my life and figure out how to make money from the web things. I admitted much of that in a short post a little over a year ago that took me a bit to find. as wanted to link to it for this post.

Have had two problems wrestled with for over a decade: trying to get attention for my ideas, and wary of too much attention, from my ideas.

But yeah imagine you have Google telling you with web stats that you have visitors from over 100 countries and you don't quite understand it, and things you try don't work the way you figure they should.

Like I can promote anything I want globally. What happens when I try? Well that depends....

So I worked out the rules as best I could and focused a lot on this blog on figuring out money and promotion and other things. But notice I will not explain certain things, like maybe will at least mention celebrity but will not explain. There's another word I just will not mention at all, which starts with an 'f'.

To me that's cheating. But am trying to be more honest as am getting in my own way enough that as these two conflicting aspects of myself battle with each other, am looking for a resolution. For a long time the wary side has held sway. So yeah was a HUGE event for me back September 2010 after Labor Day to actually put up a photo of myself, which I've used ever since. To me that was an astonishing event that I decided to do such a thing.

Since have used other photos and even have an Instagram which had even more, until posting to it stopped, over two years ago. Though am actually on Instagram every day, but looking at other people's photos.

Do I want celebrity? Nope. Not even a little bit of it. But do I need some celebrity? Yes, if I want to make money from my ideas. Lots of analysis for years with me checking and re-checking and testing other options has left me with that conclusion.

I've been proud of rejecting celebrity though for too long. And it definitely wasn't always the case but had a fantasy before. That fantasy just seemed like endless fun. That's how fantasy works. When the reality was definitely possible found myself immediately rejecting. Still have worked at being prepared.

For me karaoke was a deliberate way to try and learn certain things which worked great. Why I bring it up so much. Learned a lot of good lessons from it. But could only learn so much.

Also watch a lot of documentaries.

Is SO depressing to some extent...stop saying that, must tell myself. I have to stop looking at the negatives relentlessly, depressing myself with tales of tragic celebrity which I study endlessly.

If you know about what I claim and study the timeline you'd know I've had about 21 years to contemplate many things, with a certainty of certain things in the last 13 years, which will be 14 years in August.

Now to achieve my goals I have to learn to step from behind the curtains. That sounds so histrionic to me. Other way to say it is, to get the relationships I want I have to do things maybe not as comfortable to me.

This post is kind of me trying to gently convince myself and maybe informing others? Is hard. I've been SO successful one way. Working to find more success changing a bit--but not too much.

James Harris

Saturday, January 21, 2017

Web audiences can move well

One of the BEST things about the web which can give you pause when you put up content, as I do, is the ability of audiences on the web to move rapidly, either towards your content or away. Like I've found certain topics can dramatically drop interest in this blog by objective measures, while others can ROAR it up. Either thing can be disconcerting but such shifts are simply natural.

And objective measures are really important, and I rely more on tools that tell me things feel like are more informative in that regard, like linking behavior. And to me, the fluidity of the modern web audience is a HUGE plus, because you can get to a place where you're comfortable putting up whatever feels right as you and your audience have learned what to expect.

I learn much about what I like to write about, by what I write about, and often am somewhat surprised. As the feeling is not as informative as one would think. I can feel a need to write something and think I know why but understand better in time. And readily admit that more ideas come to mind for posts than get posted, where I have 4 blogs, but am not so anxious about constantly putting up content. So the reason for that many is really about focus, where that content is going, and expectations for me as well as those who like to read there.

And reality is, am more an audience member myself than a content creator I think. Because spend so much time looking at things produced by others, and is good to realize that in our times, we can just pick and choose.

You hold the modern audience by merit more.

It's a great thing.

James Harris

Monday, January 16, 2017

When race fades

Nothing like being told you're innately superior and don't have to work for it. Which can sit with different people different ways. And I admit to at times studying the people who wish to believe they are somehow born innately superior to other human beings, especially when it is about race. And that was a pragmatic thing to do, as I grew up in the Deep South in Tifton, Georgia, USA and race was definitely a topic of discussion.

Figuring out some people want deeply to feel special, innately, explains all of American racism. But I've discussed it more in-depth years ago back 2011, on another of my blogs, for those who don't mind my very opinionated take on it.

Most people in this country want to actually work for their respect. It's actually a taught thing which is part of the American Way which is a phrase that seems to have gone out of favor. I wonder why.

But merit matters.

Which means you can actually even do well with people who may be misguided on topics like race as they don't know better, once they learn from reality. And lack of enough experience with fellow humans is key I think. And the web is doing MUCH to separate fact from fiction which is producing some shock-waves around the globe and in my country. It's one thing to spout fictions about race to gullible members of your community who don't see people of other races much or do so in very narrow contexts, and another if they can just see on the web that you're deluded.

Merit matters more as what can you do really with an opinion if people want results? It's one thing to believe you're superior, but another to be the best at skills, in a world where skills matter.

Today is observance of Martin Luther King Jr. Day in the United States and it does often have me contemplating how much damage some humans can do to others just to feel a certain way about themselves and how one man can do much by focusing on common decency.

We get born, do our things for a bit, and then go on. Beliefs about what really happens with death can vary, but we all can be sure about that middle part between birth and death, as a period when we learn things, try things, and interact quite a bit with our fellow human beings. Personally wouldn't even want to be innately superior. Quite enjoy communicating well, as best I can, with my fellow humans versus talking down to anyone. And what does it matter for those who operate otherwise?

Grasping for something not worth having the grip loosens regardless no matter what, in time.

Turns out race as a concept is one of those odd human inventions which will fade in time, and history will be there for future humans to wonder, how it even happened.

We humans are remarkable in lots of things, where it is very human to so remark. We do think about ourselves a lot, as a species.

The meta of the human species is that humanity itself IS a meta species. Endlessly reflecting to itself, about itself, through its members. And how else would we do it?

I like it myself. Endlessly fascinated by the endless information we humans share about ourselves and our views of our world. Does help pass the time.

James Harris

Sunday, January 08, 2017

What is science of entertainment

Being a free thinker I do NOT mind figuring out things on my own, if I can simplify and get something functional. And a few times have had to come up with functional definitions when dictionary ones were not good enough for me to figure something out. And is pertinent to mention too as I explore the concept of the science of entertainment.

Am using MY definitions want to emphasize, so doing a lot to be sure that is clear. Am continuing with things I made up.

science (noun): the art of prediction using methodologies and tools to expand zones of certainty by discovery of a predictive framework.

entertainment (noun): any socially accepted activity chosen in order to alter mood in a desired way which is unlikely to bring harm in any way.

Where am putting them together for once. I call those functional definitions, which makes them remarkably short for what I claim they can do. Like the first? Can encompass ANY scientific discipline known or yet to be known. So let's make up one.

Time to ponder as I like giving myself these challenges to figure something out as I type up a post. Feel confident. Besides if I fail you just won't see it.

So at first blush, a science of entertainment should involve discovery of a framework of tools and methodologies to expand zones of predictive certainty in producing a desired mood for a human being or groups of humans with a socially accepted activity, unlikely to bring harm in any way.

The art of it is in choices made in building that framework.

Isn't creativity something? Fascinates me how far I can go with things I made up.

What makes it science then is the zone of predictive certainty which I think for many is way far from entertainment, as how can you be certain, say that something is funny? Turns out with the science done correctly, you can, maybe. Just because I can put up what a science of entertainment would do, doesn't mean it can exist!

The hypothesis aspect of science is well-known, and by my system is a prediction, testable by the predictive framework. That is, you can make a hypothesis and test it by experiment.

For instance, I will admit now, as have been evaluating for over a year that I have checked and continue to check things accepted as entertainment for their safety level. And compare with near things if can find which are NOT considered entertaining.

Which can explain how a celebrity, who is an entertainer and I think most are, can seem to do ok with one thing, and crash and burn with another as a public may laugh off one thing as safe, so harmless and see something else as not, though both may look very similar which I find fascinating.

Perceptions there can vary, so there can be effort in determining if a person sees something as safe or not. One person may see something as perfectly safe that another finds not. Which can cause differential assessment across groups as well.

And that's enough for a post I want to be short. And it has been heavily edited, which is ok. I DID just start typing pulling from my two definitions. And luckily can edit as consider over time and ponder the usefulness as well--what can I DO with it?

One desired thing? Figure out rapidly any entertainment system on the planet, as to efficacy, likely duration, and methodology as to why people find it entertaining. And don't worry, I work to keep musings about current entertainment to myself. And carefully move as to show appropriate concern for the mystery, of course.

Because with me? Mystery matters.

Actually building out a science is where things get interesting. At least can now see how two of my functional definitions can come together.

And I do not consider this post to be a brainstorming post, which is kind of a note to myself.

James Harris

Sunday, January 01, 2017

Building better takes skills

Readily admit was not a fan of school when was forced to go through it, yet did decide to go to college and have talked what I think is the point of a college education, which is to learn learning, in my opinion. And to find the link to my own post found myself doing what is a new learned thing which is to search on name of the blog, and subject. So searched: beyond mundane point of college

That works for me with Google should note, but suspect that as years go by will work with other search engines but is NOT about me. Is about decisions other people make, which get reflected in search engines. And it takes building a structure on which others can depend on to give what is expected. But how do you get the skills?

For me writing is something I enjoy and of course needed some kind of teaching, where got most of that in school. While was not a fan of school do find myself reflecting on things I realize I learned in college, and not just on the facts, but ways of looking at things. Can at times imagine like a professor is chatting with me, as I recognize this or that skill is not something that just appeared, but was taught to me by a person in a position to teach such things.

But who is your teacher? Is a question worth asking when a person tries to make decisions around school or life. I'm fascinated by people who may have certain skills one way, who might assume they know what skills they'll need down the line as, how do you know?

Who tells you what you need to know?

There are things you can just pick up online, but where are the basics. Maybe you can get those basics online, but then your teacher is who put up that content.

How do you know who to trust with your mind?

To me my mind is very important to me. And as I get older I DO appreciate that I could go places which were yes, part of a social order I questioned often. And yes, felt myself jumping through hoops that society put there for me, but also did not have a way to find better, or trust.

Today people can tell you all kinds of things, but how do you check them?

For me there is a ready reference available, from some of the best schooling the United States could provide, where a lot was free to me, in the public education system. And yeah even in college I was lucky enough to get...I digress.

Main thing is, I know how to do certain things now, where I like to wonder how I know. And reality is: there were very skilled people who taught me some extremely useful skills.

The web does not change the basics. It makes things faster, and allows greater reach, but if you're going to build something on which others can rely, then you need to learn how to build, and how to build reliably.

Just because you build out here with ideas and words, or picture or other things with which you can make a website, it does not mean there is not support necessary to keep it standing. And putting that support in place--building solid foundations--is so much about how well you know how to put things together, I firmly believe. It takes skills.

And as I type and watch the words appear it occurs to me that an effort that is about expressing myself flows as it does, for reasons I can ponder. But the results of that effort will not just be about what I think, but about what thoughts echo. Sharing lets me try. But others will find out whether or not I built well.

That flow can feel great. But feelings don't make reality. Skills help you build your vision. Wanting without skills is a dream without the means to be fulfilled.

Luckily for me, I didn't have to be a fan of school. I just needed to do the work. And thankfully for me as an older person, when it was the time to do it, I did.

There are many schools in life of course.

Plenty of opportunities to get skills needed. The web does make it easier when finding the school you need can be so much about searching.

Maybe then it's not so much about being a fan of school, but about needing those tools to get things done.

Then accomplishment can both rule and define your life. Looking at things accomplished definitely feels better to me, than wondering about what I can do.

I know what I can do, from what I've done.

James Harris