Sunday, December 10, 2017

Setting expectations is challenging

Find myself thinking much on goal setting, and with certain things, like learning can be hard, especially if subject matter is constantly evolving, as web is. And through the years have begun working harder at trying to lay down some foundations around some things basic, while also emphasizing basic research in past, where can explain better now am sure.

Will focus in this post on only two things, to help me delineate clearly.

So yeah, very much told myself there is a reason, when made a post back in 2014 noting total downloads and countries for my one open source software product. What I remind myself there is that I have something I made which has drawn interest from over 150 countries over a period of a decade. Here is the reference post but the point to me is to recognize for myself, yeah there is an accomplishment worth noting there.

Point was to lock that down as separate and distinct from whatever comes after.

Project is still active but keeps me from having too much emotion as a moving thing, with up's and down's from year to year.

Other thing will focus on here was coming up with my own definition of entertainment which am sure was very challenging to my prior point of view? But is hard to remember, why I like writing things down in the moment. Guess it must have been, right? Have talked some of what entertainment meant to me before versus now.

As much as I write around these things, at times like now think should have written more. And have a reference date of June 22, 2015 for sharing that idea with a formal definition though HAD been  working through some concepts before. And, focused on just two key abstractions saying entertainment is a way we humans use to safely control our mood. Focused on mood and sense of safety. And have a reference post for that as well to help me keep up with things.

There with basic research began to puzzle as soon as was posting how might be relevant, if true.

If decided was not true would have pulled the post by now, probably unless felt might be useful to me to keep up as a reference or even a reminder of a mistake, not to repeat.

Is why basic research can be weirder for others to handle as you see something, which can get repeated for years and wonder where it is going. Versus say, a movie where once you start hearing about it usually, soon thereafter there is a premiere and a theatrical run. These days though people can see at times when a movie goes on the schedule, years ahead of such things.

For me, setting my own expectations involves very short timelines, where am checking as these are reached in a constant process. Like, how would certain ideas likely impact things, and in what ways? Then I can look at real world and check with what is happening.

In terms of setting up expectations for others have long tried to avoid as much as possible. And think that is a good idea in general though can be helpful I think to suggest guidelines for considering things you put public. But ultimately what people expect should be up to them I think, given facts presented.

With me, generally will talk success in a guarded way. Successful ideas I keep, while ones that do not past muster I try to disappear rapidly. My blogs are constant works in progress. Usually am looking to measure how well things are going with ideas, and often am just trying to keep up with things!

So much keeps changing as especially with web so much is developing.

Here have talked a locked down accomplishment which is steadily receding into the past but is relevant to me for perspective, as well as a more recent work in progress with ideas around a high profile area. Point being in selecting two areas that could be sharply defined for such a discussion.

James Harris

Thursday, December 07, 2017

Our valuing knowledge reality

One of my favorite posts talks the subject of how do we know.

So is so titled: How do we know?

And one of those subjects brought up there as have pondered it often is that of a doctor who figured out that doctors should wash their hands before treating pregnant women. Things did not go well for him. He was ridiculed for what was considered a ludicrous idea in his time, but so believing in it, as women were dying, he pushed and was committed to an insane asylum, where he died.

Talking Dr. Ignaz Semmelweis for those who do not know the story or wish to check where link to the Wikipedia. But he actually comes up quite a bit! With good reason if you ponder how a man was destroyed for trying to get doctors to wash their hands. And of course in our times is standard medical practice though yeah, keep having to get at them and other health care providers to do as much as needed!

So sad someone trying to do so much good, whose life in its tragedy as well as triumphs as he was right, becomes a cautionary tale.

Our species has learned much. But also much with trial and error, and harshness for the discoverers.

There are other dark stories but his stands out to me, as is so easily and quickly told, while also easily referenced.

One should not assume that just because you are right, things will go well for you, if you are right.

But how do you know?

My conclusion is it is important to relentlessly ask yourself that question, as better than not.

Ask myself that a LOT. How do I know? Or sometimes also, why do I think I know?

James Harris

Wednesday, December 06, 2017

Went well as expected

Have had some kind of wild posts by my standards and especially had to post noting would be taking extraordinary measures out of my comfort zone, where noted there had a 99% confidence level would go ok. With all of that complete will post to note that things are done.

Extraordinary measures are now complete. Public notification is now complete. Going back to normal operations.

In essence was just talking certain things more direct with a LOT less hedging than usually do, and worked out much better. Some assumptions I had about how that might go were just thankfully way wrong.

And is public what was done. With LOTS of posts on this blog as well as posts on others as blogs worked as a team. Which is SO much fun. Has been years since my blogs worked so closely together.

Since things went so well am not even curious myself what would have looked like if had not. And I think is interesting the conversation one can have with one's self, but also of course blogs are VERY public. And my blogs have global reach, so also then is not a surprise can have to pump myself up a bit to take a different direction.

So yeah went out of my comfort zone and it went ok. Cool.

James Harris

Friday, December 01, 2017

Pondering reality around reality checks

One HUGE problem am focusing on is evaluating current situation when it comes to attention levels. Where realize have been repetitive for years, but also think that has been good for documenting things. Web reality means you can get global attention potentially, but how to measure?

One thing realize did in the past is just see as some alternate reality, and often just kind of shrug. Figured would figure it out eventually, and would just continue on with what I was doing. So kept a separate reality from out here on the web, which can feel as distinct, from most of my daily. But feel like now those have crashed together which is a relief! But now MUST figure out the money aspect.

But how do I reality check web things best?

Figured out entertainment in order to understand web things actually, when deduced a connection with audience levels where generally publicly self-identified as part of a known audience are called followers on social media. And of course with entertainment focused naturally on celebrity, and then admittedly got distracted with the joy of understanding my entertainment better. It is wild that a couple of key abstractions shifted so much for me, and if did so for others is great as well, where I guess there. For me has been very different now as can focus...about to get distracted again. Can focus on best entertainment but have talked that enough. Must keep in mind purpose of THIS post.

Have often tried to reality check with what I like to call mass market preconceived notions where would always fail utterly, which finally got me checking into them more. Time is helping out a LOT as yeah do keep up with celebrities on the web, so can study how they use things like their social media accounts over time. And also study how well that differentiates where they rank in a number of various ways. Is more dynamic a measure that way as well as can check things most people might, and also consider things most would not, as so much data is available.

Oh yeah, is a BIG reason to look at celebrities much as more information on them and from them than from any other source on the web. Which is great! Celebrities more so than anyone else, even politicians or companies, are pumping out vast quantities of information I find useful like on social media.

Am on a lot of social media but thankfully at very low levels. Turns out is WORK to get massive followings, though they do seem to stick around when gained. Though engagement seems to require constant work, and maybe some folks are making it seem easier than it is. But yeah that is what they're supposed to do. Best performers make so much look easy even when is astonishingly difficult.

Yet now myself am more focused on work as yeah, web is definitely am sure now fully a part of my life whether I wish it or not. So no separating out here like before from what I do for work.

Which is turning into a massive challenge for me, where struggling at it is causing a lot of posts! As I use my blogs often to figure things out.

The web metric problem is a continuing one. While also my own mental attitude needed serious adjustment as was too easy to just give myself arbitrary measures as reality checks, conclude nothing was happening yet, so I could just keep doing what I was doing. Until it finally became clear to me that reality did not care that I thought was being sensible and humble, when needed to be objective and facing truth squarely.

Working on that now. This post is long enough. Writing this sentence is good way of telling myself to stop here.

James Harris

Thursday, November 30, 2017

Considering attention variation though

One thing have noted is a global reality to attention my ideas get, at various locations like here on this blog. And a benefit have realized to doing these kinds of posts is to document. This time though also want to talk more about how attention has varied through the years.

Ok, so now to Google Analytics which use as a baseline even though know does not capture all visits, but gives an indication.

And yeah, so far this year, which is nearly over, have had visits to this blog according to Google Analytics from only 66 countries.

Top 5: US, India, Netherlands, Canada, South Korea

And that is from only 305 cities. Where languages, again according to Google Analytics where just reading the numbers, is only 46.

Looking at those kinds of drops from prior posts where have talked these numbers is interesting also in the variation, as yeah went down, but tend for this blog to stay over 45 countries annually. Actually if my memory serves me, for a LONG time was usually around that number, year after year after year.

For a LONG time also I'd focus on the audience numbers where now I rarely even check them. And do not give, where there are practical reasons, but can guess do not live up in MY mind to those other numbers. Yet also the web analytics are more of an indicator which helps more with trends I think.

Where am talking one blog, and I do tend to notice how attention flows across wherever I can get web analytics, and variation in some ways is simple: usually have English speaking countries, and all of Europe. The up and down with the country counts tends to be elsewhere, with the biggest drop off across continent of Africa, and the other being across continent of South America.

Which to me is unexplained. Still get visits from a LOT of countries annually which is rather steady in many ways.

Explanation for yearly constancy that I like? My ideas pull the attention constantly. The variation I see is actually more like a kind of random like looking at the tops of waves on the ocean.

What impact from things I do on my blogs or across other social media?

Um, remarkably often is hard to see any. Which is why have LOTS of freedom to try things.

Reality though is that once the ideas are introduced they do not need me. And to the extent that people even bother to come back to the source, like here, is usually only cast-off attention that may come my way. That means that often I find it hard to see much impact with what I do, or say, or whatever. You get used to it.

There ARE things that can move things much but in other ways don't talk as much as too close to the underlying machinery of the web itself. And turns out? Don't explain that much. One way to figure out where I mean is, how do people even know to get here though? From so many countries? Ever?

That is not about me, but about how web search like Google and also yeah Bing work, along with whatever else gets people here. And over such things I have NO control, and wouldn't want any either. However yeah, if I got a little wild will amuse me to see what shifts, like it matters.

As explained the annual story is more smooth and constant, regardless of what I do personally. Reality of that assessment bothered me, which is why began focusing on a code of behavior. The ideas don't care but I must. And am happy now with that lesson of steady to work through such things over a period of years.

With all that said though, how do I explain that shift from around 45 countries annually to these higher levels more recently? And to me is yeah, about idea introduction.

New ideas recently introduced? Ideas around entertainment in last couple of years.

So there IS a mechanism that experience shows does shift things up which is introduction of new ideas.

James Harris

Saturday, November 18, 2017

Better defining effort

Firmly believe must do what one loves, and if find an audience shares interest, is great! But regardless do the things you love. While also most, like me, must find an audience, if only of one, for doing things for others for employment purposes, with remuneration. That is, most people need to have a paying job. Great if can coincide with what you love doing, of course.

And better defining efforts as to how that works has helped me. As grew up taught to just get a job, and maybe there was the possibility for getting beyond mundane of the usual, of finding other realms, which was actually mysterious like, how do you get discovered? Where now talk of those as preconceived notions. Were from lessons learned before possible in our times, when web can enable you to reach an audience, and can be a global one. But then what?

When you just want to get a job, you look for available ones through various means, endeavor to get an interview, and work to convince some person or persons you can do the work required. Generally you're looking at working for a business entity with a superior position in terms of establishment, money and other resources including infrastructure.

With the web, so much structure is abstract, if it exists at all.

Plenty of mechanisms for the remuneration, especially for employment purposes are still built for the world that was.

While modern money is an evolved wonder, allowing you to get a return on favors done for others, as an abstraction I claim is a social IOU backed up by society. Evolved wonder it may be, money regardless I theorize, flows in very distinct ways, where have a money flows reference post, which I DO check routinely. These abstractions are ones I try to use.

One HUGE problem on the web is the trust factor, as you can want someone to do something for you, or be wanted, but then there is structure in the world I no longer take for granted. I study it now.

One abstraction introduced recently addressing that area is the abstract payment intermediary, where some business entity in the middle facilitates transactions around flows of ideas.

Ideas can flow easily on the web. That part we know.

Having a system around those ideas, with buyers and sellers, and proper business, with as high a level of efficiency, trust and goodwill as can be found off the web, is I believe, a work in progress.

James Harris

Wednesday, November 15, 2017

When ideas are not paying directly

There does need to be a return on effort, commensurate with perception of value received, if it was received. And feel like have received a great return for me on my personal efforts putting out ideas on the web. My vague idea for about two decades is that it will connect to something money-making at some point.

Now am figuring out more of how it does not, and why.

There are institutions built up around sharing ideas. While on web can just put some out, and people can get direct, where if perceive value in those ideas--is a personal thing.

Have reached a financial situation which is pushing me to rethink such things in MY context and about ideas I share here, versus in the abstract.

To me the ideas have value, but to YOU?

Only you know.

We do have a problem on the web with mechanisms for returning that value though there are movements in that direction.

Which does make it hard. And readily note give ideas without expecting any direct return. Sharing things because I think they are useful and sharing helps me, and may help others. However, is also true find it difficult with web as it is, to share things for the purpose of a monetary return outside of establishment systems. Like sure I can say, write a short story here on my blog, but to get paid for such work, looks to me like need some corporate entity.

There is no institution here to tell you that paying back some of that value is a duty. No structure of people doing it to witness.

Web offers something different. But have been surprised at how hard it is to set up structures that facilitate providing a service on the web, or some product on the web, without putting yourself at the mercy of a corporate entity. And usually talking at the mercy, seriously, of a vast corporate enterprise.

And what does this business entity give actually? Mainly I think is about trust.

Like you know the source ere at least. Realize there was effort involved in finding the ideas and putting them out here, but only you know if there was a received value, for YOU. To me there can be an interest as well in a better system. Why should a huge chunk of the value you feel you received go to some other than person who produced it?

Yeah but the potential of the web is direct, while reality means that yeah, a corporate entity can help people feel more secure, while also yeah, providing other services. Yet my situation has impressed upon me just how forced you are to use a corporation, for money on the web. Would prefer it be my own I guess. Will get there as set as a useful goal.

Web is introducing more possibility, while pushing us to look more carefully at structures already in place.

Have realized though maybe haven't seen fully the value in my ideas, myself. Makes it harder then to explain to others? Or maybe, makes it impossible. Have been talking much, without maybe even focusing on, what value with these ideas, really?

James Harris

Tuesday, November 07, 2017

Thoughts on writing to write

Some of my blog posts have the label: Writing to write. Where yeah can just have an urge to write something, which is a creative thing, and wrote one yesterday reminiscing a bit about San Francisco, talking about a Thursday and Friday. Sometimes would go out on Thursday but be careful to drink less, of course to be ok for work next day. And luckily, I rarely get hangovers. Which apparently is just something was born with, which definitely removes lots of the penalty.

And then after work could go to the karaoke bar I preferred, early. And could maybe get to sing though would fill up quick! And was harder to sing on Friday and Saturday than other days.

Where then could stay later, and yup, would at times find interesting conversations with folks hanging around outside the now gone Transbay Terminal. Where I went through daily, as lived on Treasure Island, and you crossed the Bay Bridge into what is now commonly called SoMa, which is where I worked, when was working. Got laid off as have brought up before, and eventually ended up leaving San Francisco, in March 2012.

The post really did just flow and decided to do very limited editing. Where will be rereading today to see if continue with that idea.

James Harris

Monday, November 06, 2017

Ideas and the City

There is a relief in walking away quietly, if metaphorically, when those ideas that pummeled your world view so fiercely, can be tamed by your human reality. Will not think about you now, can mutter, if not in words then in actions, like at a bar where can survey your fellow humans. Having fun then becomes the work that matters, especially after work that felt like it did not. Ideas push.

You can push back, and think about the day-job tomorrow. Do not drink too much.

Was a reality back then, in San Francisco, when balanced sanity like walking a tightrope, or so told myself. What others might think? Need we bother? Like I'd really ask. The alcohol might dull others but it simply slowed me down and I'd ponder that odd reality as realized that usually people look like they're moving in slow motion to me. If I let that idea dominate while ponder if it's true.

Looking at the bartender, another drink arrives. They know me well.

Such were the nights that could happen on a Thursday. And be out of the bar before 10 pm? Or definitely in time to be home by midnight, and to sleep rapidly. To get up, and go to the day-job where data entry would give me numbers to play. The relentless typing of number after number was restful in and of itself. Sometimes the ideas would wish to come out as well. But concentrate.

Am I accurate? Of course. The astonishing accuracy needed by people who do data entry might puzzle others. The kind of area where the naive think computers could take over or do a better job, but human beings can push to near perfection. My accuracy is of course at the level of a person working at a high level corporation, who literally helps millions of dollars find their homes.

The alcohol slowed me down for a night, but effects were gone by the next day. I rarely got hangovers.

Is that a blessing or an invitation? After work, would be back at the bar early, as was a karaoke bar then might manage to sing something, as Friday was one of the busiest nights. Sometimes would simply go elsewhere.

The ideas come back. They call again against my reality. They promise things to me.

A world they offer. I consider later in the night. Looking out at the lights of San Francisco in the wee morning, with the other denizens of the alternate city, when most have gone on, and a few partiers may mix with those going to work, or coming home from work, or the homeless who gather near the now gone Transbay terminal station and talk. They talk about life and dreams and freedom and I wonder about mine.

Sometimes could feel like the city would sing to me then. That San Francisco was the best friend who understood the dreams and the nightmares and accepted both. There was a freshness to the night, and a crispness to the thought, as ideas were peaceful as well, like sleeping dogs, waiting later for their day.

The Muni 108 would finally arrive and would ride back to Treasure Island. Back across the Bay Bridge to that island in the bay, by the City by the Bay. A cycle completed.

My ideas, would find me again.

James Harris

Full story IS challenging

So yeah very good reasons why am wary of asking people for help, along with ones already given as note am often doing my own basic research. However also with my established prior things there is an implication of fraud as to how that has been treated.

Finally explained how that works too. That certain highly placed people may have results that are not valid, but is hard to tell. Where my research finally showed that, which happened over a decade ago.

They, of course, are continuing. And I have kept at various things while wondering how hard it can be when truth is just the start where will link to that post there.

Where with me is not actually as big of a deal as you might think. If feel a need to feel sorry for anyone, feel sorry for their students. Can you imagine? Like at some prestigious school, you find out you have been taught bogus techniques with that revealed over a decade ago?

And historical perspective helps me much, to lower expectations on timelines, while the web enables much, but then you have social pressure with how people behave. So is very challenging in many ways.

Is better to have it all out there though. Have tried various approaches through the years, so actually am not saying things have not said before. But on my blogs have looked at various ways to go about talking certain things where they are very specialized.

This one has helped me talk things out as consider problem solving. The information DOES travel. Is very dramatic too, and implications ARE huge which encompasses governments. But they do seem aware of me, but there is still a drop-off somewhere. The facts in and of themselves should be enough, but are not, so far.

Why would these governments be so bad at checking into something which could be so key to their security. Like check out this story about a problem in Estonia with their ID cards. That little nation could potentially simply be shut down indefinitely if things go really bad. Clearly they'd move if they had any clue.

Why then so hard to get nations around the globe to consider security risks which are mathematically likely given evidence?

Have good guesses. Most likely is the intimidation factor and lack of education in problem areas. Most people are greatly intimidated by math as a difficult subject for them.

THAT is for those national governments with a clue though. Like have no indications that Estonia is aware of me or my research at all.

Will continue to ponder.

James Harris

More transparency on assertions

Full reality of what am saying in certain areas is that top members of the world's math community are apparently engaging in willful fraud, using mathematical approaches shown invalid in a VERY dramatic way. If true could mean extraordinary consequences for them if caught, including potential prosecutions and sense there is a national security component that could lead to severe penalties indeed.

Which is a reason for me to be careful in discussing as while I have facts on my side, do not have a lot of information about why these people are behaving as they are, and also would not want to interfere with potential investigation by US Justice Department or by corresponding entities in countries around the world.

We're not talking minor matters here.

If you thought were reading ramblings of a person desperate for attention, will admit you've been reading careful public statements which help me outline the problem. As am also looking for a solution where governments consider the facts.

These people seem to be ready as well. On their side is a lot of prestige. We're like talking about top people at math departments at Harvard and Oxford or University of California, Berkeley, who have a LOT to lose. Makes it an intellectual challenge as well.

Presumably they would NOT behave as am seeing with the facts, which is also why is taking so long.

My recent discovery of a new way to do the modular inverse is key to proving their willful behavior which is key to prosecution, in my opinion. Am NOT a legal person. Am a discoverer who understands a lot I think about why they're enemies of their respective states. But is not clear how to safely bring them to justice.

James Harris

Sunday, November 05, 2017

Updated assessment

Really is a unique opportunity with latest mathematical discovery. With so many where things have not seemed to move much should be wary of being overly pessimistic. This discovery has unique features.

Initial evaluation is complete. Is a solid result which knew from proof, but further is clearly new, and in a clean way as easily proven and no connection to anyone else's research can even be suggested, where definitely stands out. The modular inverse is also applied math, since calculating is part of public key encryption techniques, though have not researched to what extent my research might really shift things there as actually out of my area. Makes more sense to rely on expertise of others.

Is weird though. The quiet thing like with prior results. Am attempting alternate techniques.

Greater transparency in message does make sense as well, especially as to motivations of people betraying the public trust. These things are not really so distant from people. It is such an odd story.

Primary background on previous public assessments still hold. However, rethink on conclusion to shift from math results.

Current assessment then is: reverse on prior assessment on shifting from math as unique opportunity. Other reasons also apply. Study the social problem more to determine why the truth seems to be so limited in moving people, even when so dramatic.

When truth is just the start

So yeah have opened up a LOT recently about an important year for me, as in 2004 had a memorable event where was validated by two anonymous peer reviewers and an editorial decision to publish a pivotal math paper of mine, where I demonstrated how to appear to prove something by the same rules that said it was wrong.


Well after the chief editor must have, who knows, he tried to literally delete out of what was an electronic journal, which managed one more edition before it keeled over and died, I like to say. A European organization maintains archives, so you can see where chief editor deleted out. (Was 2003 edition which actually went live late in early 2004.) But that European organization called EMIS also maintained my original paper with a separate link! So cool.

Which I've noted before. Where have, um, not noted that didn't really mess ME up that much. Sure practiced a bit talking with world press, for interviews that probably, ok yeah, should have happened. But when didn't? For me, was a shrug.

Why would mathematicians, specifically number theorists try to run away from a result showing a clever person could both appear to prove and disprove something in a paper?

Well let's speculate and use our imaginations. Imagine you're a top number theorist at a prestigious university, with accolades and awards, and some nobody who isn't even a mathematician gets a paper published, which reveals you have NO significant mathematical accomplishments at ALL. None.

Your papers? On which you had so much pride? False because of some esoteric math thing and God knows, why should such a thing exist? And how could it not have been found a century ago?

Why you?

Your entire life is built on an esoteric mathematical error that entered the field before you were born and what chance did you have?

So imagine that hypothetical person, who is probably male as field is dominated by males. And now over 13 years later, he has simply lived his life. What would YOU have done?

For me, who cares. I'm a major discoverer who was freed upon the world after doing my due diligence. And kept discovering things, without being hassled with other things, like wearing a suit much. Or teaching classes. Or making speeches. Or grading student homework if I'd ever bother is kind of thing grad students do. Or yuck, being in places with supposedly important people, congratulating me on how great I supposedly am.

Yeah, I lost nothing. And joking above to some extent as am NOT a mathematician, and do NOT see myself as an academic. Is just not appealing to me.

And was probably going to just let things ride with my blogs and disclosure as is harsh. Those mathematicians back then? Yeah dealing with something not known. But teaching invalidated math concepts to new students? Actually is evil. Yeah that is the appropriate word. That does puzzle me a bit, as how could anyone do such a thing? They're condemning their students in what I think is a deliberate act, while they didn't have that chance. The research generated doesn't actually work either, in case you're wondering. It's just wasted human effort. And the truth is KNOWN. I proved it dramatically.

How can mathematicians have research that is BOGUS without that revealing itself? They do what they call pure research which has little or no practical application. So can't be seen by it failing in the real world. Is such a pat system. Very hard to get anywhere against such a thing.

Got much more upset years ago about students, but what can I do? So also why have tried to be sure the information is available. So maybe they can come across it and save themselves.

So yeah, have it on my blogs.

The truth is out there, you know?

That got me powerfully motivated for a bit years ago but such a slog! The truth was just a start and was dealing with powerful social forces. As these folks I guess have been relying heavily on same, as I have tried things. And as years go by, in between doing my own research which is important to me and NOT doing it would have been not good, also probed solutions to what I call, the social problem.

Lately that got a bit of urgency with my latest. Found yet another mathematical discovery less than six months ago, though no longer really looking. And is first addition to a certain area in over 200 years. As I found a new fundamental way to do something called a modular inverse. Where last person can see in the record who had a new fundamental was Euler, back in 1763 according to this article just read this morning as finally got curious enough. Only other primary technique is something called extended Euclidean algorithm relying on ideas, yeah, go back to Euclid. Um, he was around couple of thousand years ago, but you knew that am sure, right?

One would think only a few humans in human history could come up with such a thing. Just the way it was done required using advanced number theory I discovered. But enough about me. Joking yeah. Just seems hard to process.

The concepts could impact global security systems that rely on some of these things, which forced me to accept that maybe I've had enough fun, ranging.

Can you imagine though? Knowing you have these truths which will NOT go away, and you just get to hang with folks who have no clue as there are these odd failures in human systems?

Is like a dream.

That's weird. I know, but like hanging out with folks without all that other.

Apparently parts of me are more responsible though, and have pressured me into doing the right thing. Isn't that such a phrase.

So what can you do? Probably nothing much. Need governments for this kind of thing. They've been a bit more obtuse than I expected.

Governments really need to wake up soon. If you ARE in government, then check the story. Verify the facts, and then accept the truth.

Am concerned about an open door. Yeah I opened with research, but the truth was always there.

I just found it. I'm simply the discoverer.

James Harris

Friday, November 03, 2017

Benefit of past experience

Is fascinating to me to be comforted by being in a situation similar to past ones with my latest math thing. Now though web is a lot more evolved, and I've learned a lot more, so can look at the situation with a lot more calm, even if options still remain limited.

Closest experience with a past result that really is telling was with my variation on prior ways to count prime numbers. Yup, still a big deal, but I discovered it 15 years ago. And looking at how that works is informative.

The math folks refuse to talk about it appropriately. That's how that works.

What I've done is make sure the information is available, and well explained, including talking on this blog more than once. Like with this post from May 2013.

And now also realize that for most even if they trust am correct, what can they do? And now am more focused on governments. Readily admit have informed US Government more than once, and put out more general notice to governments on my Some Math blog. Yet that is not guaranteed either.

Why not?

Conceivably they are aware of me, but also rely on senior advisers who are likely to be, of course, mathematicians one would think. Or closely connected to the math community.

Good things don't move our world as rapidly as things that are not. Is like with climate science, which may seem like a non sequitur. But has been known for quite some time that increasing levels of carbon dioxide posed a danger, but things may move forward now, why? Because we're seeing climate change impacts.

What would make a government official look long and hard at advisers would be catastrophic things that would force it. Which I find depressing and do NOT wish for that but merely state my pragmatic assessment.

There is a certain detachment though, as have steeled myself for certain things. Feel like, have done my best, so how could I do better? Still working on it.

Down the line though the information does travel. And as people are aware of it, there is a slower process that means eventually will come into its proper place.

James Harris

Thursday, November 02, 2017

Current example with math denial

Turns out had another major discovery just under six months ago. And dutifully tried to inform the establishment where got the silent treatment. But couple of days ago posted on Reddit:

Link to Reddit post

(Actually should be good for the curious. Comments there are at will. I have no control over what other people say, of course. And you can watch how I react too. Has 17 comments at this posting.)

Been editing this post since original day posted and while attracted some trolls unfortunately, feel like yeah was a good idea to post there!

Is a public forum and who knows who will decide to talk to you, or not.

Will leave this post here. Glad I posted there, was fun to put it out there and glad they let you link in other places! Useful feature.

Regardless, this basic knowledge is here now, for us. And most importantly will help humanity progress in ways who can guess really. But also can provide a social function.

James Harris

Wednesday, November 01, 2017

When people value and work

A story that really got to me years ago was when a singer died and reportedly a party downstairs was kept going, showing to me the true value of that singer to the people in attendance.

Cannot get more stark than that in my opinion.

And found myself thinking of horses, and how a person could greatly care for a horse. And if was a racing horse do much to try and maintain that horse, especially if it won a lot of races, but still to that person, be to that person just a horse.

Shows part of my problem when considering agents and management companies as to that fear.

How do you know? How do you know when people value YOU as a human being AND your work?

Am working on that problem along with some others as shift focus to that odd reality, when you are talking to someone who needs your ability for some thing, where you will get some kind of revenue, or more likely for someone in my position, needing people talking on my behalf with that someone.

And that reality snuck up on me too.

Web enables much. Including getting to an attention position that previously required what I like to call silos. Silos through which a person progresses in order to GET to more attention levels, where there are processes within those silos. Processes with often huge institutions to get to global, where you deal with certain things along the way, like money. With the web can just be, hey put out some ideas! Why not? Should be fun. Has been fun. Now just have to play catch-up on the rest.

So much easier when you go on an interview at some job, where like with data entry, is rather obvious what that entails. If interview is successful, look at the usual contract without thinking how will change it. And listen to whomever gives that spiel about company procedures, and eventually settle into some work space, and that's it. And plan on being there indefinitely.

Versus have someone acting as a representative on your behalf to help procure and negotiate a contract, which you study with your attorney or attorneys, modifying as necessary, which specifies what you will do for what remuneration for what period of time. And oh yeah, with me, has firm exit clauses if other party fails to live up to...talking fantasy. Haven't had one of those yet.

Figuring out those people in-between becomes an important life skill. And how do you learn THAT one?

When you've never needed them before?

James Harris

Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Ask and answer, myself

My situation is weird enough have a global readership without a global press interested enough to ask me pertinent questions, so figured may as well go meta again, and ask and answer questions I think others might wonder. Being press with myself? Ok, will try.

1. Why do you post?

Usually am posting to share information think is important for a particular audience. As main blogs have been around for over a decade there is kind of a long conversation going in a sense.

2. What makes you think your posts do anything valuable?

Generally am looking at some kind of objective measure where long ago discovered was not getting expected ones much. So got creative. Look over a lot of things where do not explain to check if a post reached desired audience. Since am not into the mass market that may look a different way to others.

3. You sound so confident often, are you trying to convince people you're successful?

Not trying to convince as have worked more to accept my ongoing audience, which presumably understands my successes. And have focused less and less on mass market approaches.

4. Sounds like you have a disdain for the mass market, why is that?

Old view from television most successfully was that you could reach a mass market effectively, like most of the country watching sports on Sunday, which is still true to some extent. My focus is niche. Am looking at people interested in particular things, versus say, talking to entire United States.

But also my readership is global. So mass market for me would be billions of people with that reach, which would be scary to have anyway. Prefer things as they are: focused on people interested, all over the world.

5. Why are you not covered by the press if your ideas are so important?

You, me pretending to be press person, ask great questions! If I say so myself, and my best guess is that the press is still 20th century focused on establishment institutions and yup, mass market metrics. That is, measures which indicate ability to do well in the mass market, already talked.

While people like me, with global reach that is more fragmented, don't register with them as worth reporting on. Which will change am sure, as world adjusts to the web. Good question, me.

6. Do you really think this question and answer with yourself will impress anyone or just seem weird?

Um, that is not the kind of question for which I have a good answer self. Think we're about done.

7. Ok, ok, last question. Any plans for Halloween?

Wow, I really took this pretending to be a press person too far. Um, no. You know that too! You're me! Just being mean. Am in a lonely period spending WAY TOO much time on web. Is ok.

Oh, oh, ok. Um, thanks for your time. You're welcome, me.

That was silly fun. Threw in a bit for Halloween too, as why not. Does amaze me though, how often interviews go random that way.

James Harris

Finding personal space

Things have gone very well so far, with a few surprises. For instance had already contacted the NSA, yet again, with some of my math, and received an auto-response. Felt as is important should try again, and this time? Simply no reply at all.

So silly, but I respect that NSA is trying. I should give them more respect, I guess. Better than nothing. Reminding myself, am nicer to them these days. Stay polite here.

However, with me is so much about the ideas which DO travel. And was simply doing my best to notify my government as a good citizen. And to cover myself later, just in case. So it is clear, I DID try, and more than once.

With the global things winding down, and most of what I consider to be fixes or patches roaring into place, is time to focus more on my personal place to be found. Is remarkable to me how much can do quite publicly, as not hiding things, with others around it all so quiet. Well quiet at least that I can tell.

Am gratified much with ideas which though global may be of use to me, like the payment intermediary concept, posted a few days ago. Was finally patching a gap which has been impacting global commerce. The global cost of the lag is marching into the trillions US maybe, which means is big enough for me to address. So is just barely.

Could see myself making a company around that concept. But is still a potential, as I ponder, as wind down from mental effort in other things.

Was confident before claiming 99% probability of success, but you do need confidence. So much work done since then. Helps to be motivated.

Now is maybe finally--unless something else pulls my attention--the shift to personal, when shifting from my duties to my planet, consider more, my duties to myself.

Many of these things take time before general public becomes aware. Should happen in about a decade for some. Which is fascinating to watch. Often am simply waiting on the world to catch up to something but that is standard. Is true with many innovations.

My checks are different. As finishing up assessments can finally get that sense to move on. Which is great! So much done.

Looks like could be tough going though, as didn't leave myself much room at all while dealing with other things. Just part of getting things done. Another problem to solve. Will figure it out.

James Harris

Friday, October 27, 2017

Working on knowledge foundations is hard

One thing finally occurred to me recently as considered things like my functional definitions covering some important areas was had found myself working at foundations of basic knowledge. Which should NOT be happening. Should NOT be necessary. And, um, why am I?

Keep asking myself that question.

Most of that work is done, though thankfully. And with repairs where necessary going into place, can reflect more. Our global knowledge base is important enough for me to have taken the time. Glad most important part of that work is done. Is a relief for me. Was kind of hard! But how could one person do so much? Web definitely makes MUCH of that easier, especially the part about putting the fixes in place. Have to have them though to be distributed. And THERE things are very interesting I think.

Is about the power of abstraction. Is like a lever. Had me thinking about a certain person, and found what I wanted at a site with quotes from him, including one have pondered often:

Give me a place to stand and with a lever I will move the whole world. -- Archimedes.

Of course he was right. Am sure he would have loved the web. Archimedes was one of the greatest intellectuals of all time. Was doing calculus over a thousand years before Sir Isaac Newton and Gottfried Leibniz reinvented then I think, though of course assume they developed far further. But hey, we're looking at what was left from almost two thousand years ago, who knows what didn't make it. Not sure what relevant scholars think in that area.

Have explained much and as consider the big picture reality of it all, is helpful for me to emphasize, is actually really hard! And takes a TREMENDOUS amount of mental energy, time and a lot of relentless pursuit of ideas that are useful abstractions. Like abstracting entertainment as a way we use to safely control mood. That is compact folks.

Is like with algebra where basic abstraction is that letters are used instead of numbers. Where you can have that graduated. Like 2+3 = 5, get to x+3 = 5, to x+y=5, to x+y = z. Which is an area of abstraction that apparently many humans at least in the US find very challenging. So much that routinely I have noted when adults complain wondering, what is the point of learning algebra? Many of them apparently confident they don't use it, as adults.

You use the concept of abstraction as an adult, the more you use your mind.

Lawyers are faced with legal abstractions, which can be so difficult to learn, take years, followed by years of practice. Of course medical professionals do as well, where also have to learn vast amounts of medical knowledge, made sensible by abstractions.

I could go on with professions where mind matters more. Next find myself thinking of chefs. But also of why can be so hard to be one, or to be a doctor, or a lawyer. Yup and can go back to that difficulty, with algebra.

Less you handle abstraction, more likely you are to be in a position where simply instructed. Like you can work for a chef, who needs to know a lot of abstraction, while you simply follow instructions to help prepare that wonderful dish that wows the customers of a top tier restaurant. Still important to the process of course.

To me is kind of depressing to look at that way though may be about personal bias. Have wanted to work with my mind for as long as I can remember. But have also simply followed instructions and it was ok. Is also personal I think to make that allusion so should simply state my opinion, people may find that yeah, difficulty with algebra when young? Is related to difficulty in other areas as an adult.

Once found though, abstractions move our world and embody our science and technology with the meaning that allows us to discover and keep progressing.

Like consider the abstraction, all human beings are created equal.

Yes, is also an ideal, but debates over that one still erupt all over our world and consume our politics, but how do you grasp it? Turns out our science actually can give a genetic answer, with it being learned that peoples outside of Africa, are actually more closely related than peoples within, regardless of appearance otherwise. Continent of human origin is also continent with greatest human genetic diversity.

Understanding that science? I think is good.

Considering abstractions at the foundations of our knowledge am pondering why is necessary for me, but appreciative of the ability which began as a child when suddenly that algebra which looked so impossible, looked so easy. It just happened in a process understand now is about neurological development as have considered abstractions that help us understand our reality, and how we know, what we know within it.

Algebra is just presented in the US at about the point certain capacity develops, and yeah, is worth it to just work at it, as best you can. If it escapes you is not doom though, and am sure can learn abstraction in other ways! So much can depend too on how well is taught.

Handling abstraction though is key to the power of the human mind.

James Harris

Wednesday, October 25, 2017

How discovery shifted my money focus

There was definitely a profit motive for me in chasing math discovery early on, which I clearly stated back then. My idea was that maybe could find something with modern problem solving techniques which had been missed before, which have often noted, which should also make me wealthy, like with a book deal about my story.

Which to me isn't even a big deal now, but along the way, lost my profit motive, and even lost my money focus which is good, as ran into consequences that made it greatly more difficult to make money as I had. Which have explained recently as an understandably large business risk. I'm read all over the world, just haven't monetized that well.

That discovery pushed me to shift as also learned did not actually have a good understanding of money in the first place. Just had taken it for granted one should try to get rich, and do so young. Like vaguely had plans to make my first million by age 30, which is just common as an idea in my country without it being clear why.

Going to focus on some key things which came to me while typing this post where is a bit of a surprise. I prefer to just let the writing flow then edit. There were things I thought would be here, which did not flow from the writing. And now as I edit, think learned quite a bit more than I expected from that as well. So here is what did make it.

Much shifted then when realized that money is just an abstraction for a favor, which is a social IOU backed up by society. Is like the concept of an I owe you, went from a paper kind of thing for a person, to paper for a country. Where is so cool how money gets introduced into the US system, as is not as intuitive as I thought. Have a post explaining on one of my blogs somewhere. That isn't the point of this post though. Maybe will find it later though. (Found it, from July 2015, on Lost in Commentary.)

With that idea in mind, yeah can explain how a cup of coffee from a friend is one kind of favor common to many who might share time with one over, and from a commercial establishment is great example when get benefit of the favor of a cup of coffee from a stranger, in exchange for money.

So I like to call it the stranger economy.

Where is so wild when you realize that in time it became accepted that the quality of that cup of coffee, and even the experience in the locale, could be so much greater that now more than likely would prefer to share with a friend in a commercial establishment often.

And the cost of getting that mood? Is priced into the things obtained there from that cup of coffee to other items might purchase along with it. Where yeah, my ideas on entertainment helped there as well, as understanding entertainment as a way to safely control mood, could find once again the idea of entertaining friends, as natural.

For a bit had entertainment separated in my mind from entertaining, as if were from very different places versus now realize are not, where one usually involves payment, yup to strangers, while the other tends to be more personal. And yet again, our expectations for paid entertainment quality are MUCH higher than from ourselves for our friends, unless you are that friend people think should be raucously entertaining.

Kind of feel for entertainers who maybe have friends who think they should bring their work with them to the party, if invited. Suspect they probably prefer that time off, to relax and safely enjoy quality time with others, if possible.

So with discovery lost my money focus. Better understood community focus. Then better understood the stranger economy which gets back to money. And now have worked to bring it all together in a way where makes sense, for me and possibly for others.

If makes more sense to you now? I succeeded with you which is a point of sharing. While also is important for me, which means the effort is worth it regardless.

There is a question that still bothers me though, which I may as well put out there, as I wonder, would I post differently if I were wealthy?

James Harris

Monday, October 23, 2017

Pay after model and find funding?

The pay after model is the dominant payment model of the world, because is really--pay after quality and want have been determined.

On the web people are routinely either assuming you believe they have a quality product you actually want, or demanding you pay whether they DO or not because they can make you. Either pay them first, or go away.

Where people may get creative then.

Am more confident that pay after on the web can be done many ways, if a corporation is created that does not assume people are naturally thieves, which focuses on letting them determine quality, and helps facilitate determining want, and provides a safe business transaction where trust is built over time.

That is, you learn the corporation is a business entity you can trust, which can determine if you are a valid customer as well, based on your behavior though would not assume you're naturally a thief, while there are ways to check people. Like if a software product is provided where you can pay when decide if want or not, and are left to delete off if don't want without being pressured? And you do NOT pay, but later you are back for an upgrade? You are a thief.

But how to get it started? Concept is easy enough, as talked first yesterday abstracting payment intermediary in a longer post. Where have actually talked these concepts for YEARS, but don't feel like linking to that content on this blog and my other blog Lost in Commentary to document in this post or that prior one. Is easy enough to just go off the basic principle.

Consider these ideas open source, and with me, things are definitely interesting. World needs kind of company described am sure.

I'm an idea guy. Not so good at lots of other things where other people are great. So just another post as think, shift! Yeah, I need to make money. Accepting should leverage my ideas in that direction more. Bills don't care either. Gotta pay'em.

So yeah, motivation right now? Purely commercial. Have done enough basic research. Must figure out how to make money, even if to get enough funding to get my commercial blog Seriously Commercial off the ground. Is that classic, need for money, to make money.

Well thankfully have a process that just lets me try things. Who knows where this will go, if anywhere. So just trotting it out there to see if anything interesting happens, like usual.

James Harris

Sunday, October 22, 2017

Finishing up assessments

Been using my blogs to figure some things out, with bulk of that here, and may as well go ahead and put forward some assessments.

My mathematical research does indicate that an error that entered into the mathematical field in number theory amazingly enough is best explanation for lack of pick up of that research. The error afflicts number theory where number theorists have long gotten away with pure research which doesn't relate to science or technology. Which is good. Is why hasn't impacted science or technology, much. Though there may be a HUGE problem in area of web security.

And yeah is just stunning really that I demonstrated the problem with a published paper which appeared to prove one thing, when by accepted rules same thing wasn't allowed, proving beyond ANY doubt that there was problem that needed to be fixed. That was over a decade ago.

But that problem allows what I call mathematical fiction.

Plenty of my math research opens door to further discovery where for years hoped that could move things forward. But now realize that mathematical truth has little incentive to people who have careers built on lucrative mathematical fiction. Is ironic. So very terribly ironic that the mathematical field would be so afflicted, and for over a hundred years.

Only practical clue in our times is the unfortunate reality that computer security was built around ideas put forward by, yup, number theorists. Unable to do some things that MAY be easy, for someone with greater mathematical ability where I refuse to do much research in that area. And who knows? Maybe endless explanations around security breaches claiming human error are correct.

Or, um, these computer security systems just do not actually work well to stop people who have developed certain expertise. Worst case? Certain ones of them, no longer are working at all with people who know how to breach them, if the worst scenario IS playing out and there IS lying around breaches. So hedging, hedging, hedging as we're talking something unbelievable even for me, if true.

You'd think some government would figure it out then. Oh, maybe some have.

And might help explain SOME of the information that has flowed into the public domain. Presumably some who found out how might try to work, well at least to embarrass certain rich and powerful.

It does fit, but again, am hedging much. Situation is so weird. Must be lots of failures across multiple systems for it to have lasted this long, if that is the explanation. Have long had suspicions and am now simply airing them out. What I do know for sure is there is the problem in number theory which means there must be the problem with number theorists.

Having correct mathematics though draws attention to me. And on top of that have used intellectual techniques developed in other areas which gets me more global attention from those things discovered there as well. But struggled with monetizing, partly because didn't feel like it, was looking for a certifying authority from establishment folks who as noted were not going to give it now believe, and also web has been in development.

Our world is transitioning in many ways. Have been figuring things out as rapidly as I can, while that occurs but it is hard actually.

Oh, and is very weird the global attention indicated by web analytics which always seems just enough to keep me guessing without doing much else, except when I can check by indirect means.

So basic assessment is, world is in flux which makes it hard to be sure about lots of things. Unfortunately is absolutely proven a problem with number theory, which also at this time proves a problem with number theorists. Is true that a better explanation for rampant security problems could be a failure of underlying mathematical ideas, but is not something can say definitively.

Given that math does not entice further discovery from people I believe rely on mathematical fiction, should put to the side for now, and focus on other things. With the concern that global security may be breached, but have notified governments as best I could. And there really isn't much more I can do there.

Moving forward should focus on intellectual discovery in other areas where functional results should lead interested people into picking up and improving upon valuable information. Further should focus more on web analytics and figuring out total numbers of people beyond just total reach with too much focus on country counts.

Assessments in this area, complete.

James Harris

Abstracting the payment intermediary

Years ago realized there was one payment model lacking on the web, which is pay after, like many people in US experience at a fine restaurant. On the web pay models are focused on pay before. And subscriptions even focus on trying to get people to pay before even created.

If we abstract from information producer to information consumer the web solves the distribution problem, but does not necessarily handle the business trust problem.

One might imagine an intermediary there, where with pay before models that can be VERY complex, and has issues of returns as well as heavy litigation potential, while with pay after both should be minimized.

But then the problem is, how do you expect people to pay at all after they gain information product?

Because I say, most people will pay for value received, once they make a buying decision, if payment is possible.

An abstracted business intermediary could potentially then, work to make sure information producer was verified, like as to owning information product and having a good business record. And provide a portal for information consumers who could learn to trust the intermediary, and be trusted to pay when they made a buying decision for a particular information product.

For example, have given idea before that a person could use software, until decided to pay for it, or did not actually need or want it, and be trusted to simply delete off system on their own. Though also noted if they DID cheat at least in that scenario, you could catch if came back later for an upgrade, if one was put forward.

Yeah but like with news organizations they could simply let people pay for an article after reading, if they so chose. Have read articles if had the money, might pay say 99 cents, if felt was really good. Of course, is my idea. Now they either give away for free, relying on advertising, or push people to subscribe, for things not even created yet. Though yes archives are there but I don't think people are into bingeing on news archives.

Still that is the big hurdle. In a restaurant? Hard to dine and dash is the phrase. With information? People need to feel value there and need to pay if that has been established. But would they?

Yeah daunting. Could that be crowdfunded though? I have no idea. Will put here and edit this post as usual as debate with myself.

The pay first model dominates the web, but does NOT dominate ANY other business systems around the globe--which is a bold claim.

People pay contractors after work is done. Pay at fine restaurants after food is consumed. Pay for clothes after tried on. Pay for cars after test drives.

Movies pay before, of course and other entertainment products. But also is why have trailers and various other promotional to try and help people figure out--is quality there? And also, novelty is key there. Novelty is an entertainment thing, but also not over all. Like with music? People prefer to hear a song, maybe even quite a bit, before are sure really like it. I know I do.

Yes, still need novelty with music, but unlike with movies, will NOT accept that as a reason to be forced to pay upfront, am thinking for most people. Definitely would not accept myself. Need to hear that entire song, and more than once, to figure out if I like it.

Restaurant business includes fast food where you pay before, which is a part but not all. Is it dominant? I don't think so. Television industry is HUGE in entertainment, without a pay first. With cable is more like pay for what exists, but subscriptions definitely add in a wrinkle. Otherwise television is relying on advertising. Interesting. Seems like entertainment industry gives me more fits with that assertion than elsewhere, which intrigues me.

Reality is, people like to determine quality, first.

Like have heard of people going to stores to try and get a feel for things or try them out before buying off web at best price.

Totality of the web pay upfront model is about distrust of the consumer, in my opinion.

Have seen cases where executives have ranted about piracy and other varieties of information theft. I think we simply have been limited by business people who think most humans are naturally thieves or there might be SOME cases of the pay after model around by now on web. If there are any, please let me know!!!

As one addendum to earlier ideas, have noted that with subscription models that DO work, people have a lot of content already available. Like sign up for video streaming service and binge watch? You can get your money's worth in a day or two.

Oh, with this model just thinking here, information producer would get 95% of revenue, with payment intermediary company relying on maximum of 5% with probably less if actually worked well.

People who produce should get most of the revenue. Intermediary would just be facilitating business transactions by limiting risk to information producer and information consumer.

James Harris

Web is where attention rules

Distribution is key to a simple understanding of much in modern world economy. And information distribution is where the web has taken over, for instance, removing the need for a physical CD, which shook the music industry, when audiences could just download music direct.

And our association between money and attention to the levels I took for granted growing up, in the 20th century, were ALL about that century, as inventions arrived where for a time, information distributed better through channels requiring heavy capitalization, like radio and television.

Global information distribution arrived with heavily capitalized areas, and then the web simplified, for many like myself, and solved the information distribution problem.

And money in its modern form arrived with the US Federal Reserve System, which is so effective, concepts it embodies took over global monetary systems.

Today people wonder how money gets created when they don't understand that system, and before it, money really was like an IOU to something physical considered valuable, like gold, versus in our times being more of an idea of value exchanged in the abstract.

You cannot have the modern global economy without money as invented in the 20th century.

Yet have considered the simple abstraction that money is a social IOU backed by society, as can be seen with US dollar which is a US federal reserve note backed by the US Government.

Money people were important for distribution in the heavily capitalized system, but today a music artist for example, can conceivably simply have fans download more or less direct and pay, with it questionable, what good are the money people in the middle then?

Worse, some of the greatest excesses in abuse of power can be seen with the money people, like movie producers whereas before information distribution on the web allowed a bigger picture, people were more likely focused on excesses from the celebrities. Now can get nasty picture about whomever.

Now we know as much about producers, agents and executives conceivably, as the web doesn't care.

Web is where attention rules. And unlike with a television station where powerful executives could control content to protect themselves and their friends from scrutiny, on the web? That information flows.

Getting proper remuneration for efforts is the social problem to be solved for the 21st century though, as BIG corporations still rule plenty of areas simply because the people who create lack the ability to get paid for their efforts, without a massive system designed simply to thwart thieves and piracy.

That will change am sure. My own analysis is that MOST people will return value received, when they make a buying decision, with proper remuneration, if is possible.

Such a simple sentence to type, but in those abstractions are a world to come, so much different from the one still here, which to me is just about social inertia, while people learn to choose better.

On the web is not so much about money as to value, but attention received, held and appreciated.

Here on the web? Attention rules.

James Harris

Saturday, October 21, 2017

What value truth?

There is an oddity to emotion am pondering, like when feel that bite of negativity, when worry that people aren't buying what you're selling...when you're not selling anything, and are sharing important information.

Recently was helped out a lot when came across the term gaslighting, where link goes to the Wikipedia. And was reminded of it recently, and thought was striking from Lauren Duca in this column she wrote which gave her a lot of attention.

Then realized recently was actually even earlier came across it from Dylan Farrow telling her story with abuse allegations, in an open letter she wrote published on the blog of Nicholas Kristof, which you can find here.

And was this sentence which just found for this post:

There were experts willing to attack my credibility. There were doctors willing to gaslight an abused child.

And have my own story of abuse where posted about it yesterday on Seriously Commercial where also linked to a post had done over a year ago.

Have been talking my abuse story since I was 12. Was believed should add, through that time. But I do think there were people who looked at me at times, like what was I selling? When I wanted to find, a feeling of safety again. Yes, have had LOTS of therapy. Maybe now am better at understanding and getting it out in a helpful way.

What is the value of truth is there across it all. And to me, we can too often see society see little value, but why? And I think for me it does all relate. That looking back at boundaries crossed for me so young, and maybe fighting to repair, am stuck still with a useless dynamic I need to let go.

Is not my job to worry about what others are feeling as if the truth should change. The truth does not change.

The value of truth is.

As stories pour out, of boundaries breached by so many that truth will change much. The truth itself will not change, but in accepting it, maybe societies will be better.

Easy enough to write oddly enough. Looking for goals in there for myself. Ways to measure progress for me as well as society. How will we know, better?

James Harris

Weird comfort without money

One thing has emerged as a major psychological thing for me has been a weird comfort in the discomfort of struggling with money. But is so sad, but also telling, as my finances tumbled got fewer distractions as people disappeared on me. That is classic so not grousing, just noting.

But yeah, dismissed some things, like web attention too much which I think was about willful denial. So put my picture up on the web! Should be fun. Told myself could represent a Black guy in a way the world rarely sees. So many global are known for sports, arts and entertainment, or political position.

I'm known for math, and other ideas. I'm an idea guy.

There are few people at all regardless of gender or race who are globally known primarily on the basis of the thoughts that have come from their minds. And still keep coming I should note, like here now. Global pull for musing? I know I like it.

Soon after decided should put my picture up, got put into a general layoff at company where was doing data entry, which I liked to call, my day-job. But I could rationalize it. Was part of a group layoff, was last hired even though had been there 5 years. Now am like, maybe the picture finally up had something to do with it, but then again, maybe not.

Regardless, have been working at mysteries lately. One of the things I pointed out is that I use a simple meta process: introduce better ideas and expect people to choose better.

Naively have also figured with certain ideas that DO draw attention as mention much, they'd also bring attention to ME, so I've spent more time preparing for and dreading that attention, and definitely NOT pursuing it. Which lets me do things, like social media, my way. I actually pride myself on how somehow I limit my Twitter account. Is so cool.

However, have to make money. Is just how society works. And definitely want to pull my own weight, where feel like yeah, have valuable ideas, but you also have to have realized value in the form of remuneration for your efforts, which is income. And facing my situation involves not claiming is rationalization about the web impact, when I know what has happened trying to get jobs since then.

But hey, being a business and realizing some person somehow, someway gets global attention? That has to become part of your business plan or more appropriately, is an unacceptable business risk. I DO quietly note to myself when some company proudly talks its global, if it even has, and am like, I'm in more countries than THAT. And there must be a way to make money that way but is a longterm thing.

Oh, so other problem is yeah, my ideas do as I say they do. And then others do what I think is weird. Other people have become the mystery, who know the story, and for the most part from my perspective are TOO quiet. What's up with that?

So am blogging two current problem areas. This blog has been working hard to work through problems relevant, and has made great progress. Am expecting rapid answers in these areas as well. And gave myself permission with public notice days ago, to use all necessary steps within law, and within my own rules, so no worries!

Should be fun.

James Harris

Friday, October 20, 2017

Thoughts on American movie box office

Looking at projections for another lackluster weekend at the American movie box office, and yeah can't help but think about some of the things have written here. Yes, did expect even the web itself to push much higher standards as well as my own ideas explained most recently here, as have talked how having a functional definition for entertainment can help people choose better.

As expected by me, which finally admitted, simpler mood lines are doing best. Like comedy and horror as harder to mess up the mood line there, in my opinion. Talking my own ideas, admittedly very hypothetical as I made them up. Is MY basic research less than three years old now. Based on my theories more complex mood lines will become successful too, or be successful as long as a higher standard is met than existed before. People just know better now, where quality should be.

Would be cool if could help movie studios with movies before they released. Could be useful with professionals and multi-million dollar entertainment products? Would be cool, but how would I know? What I do ponder just from my own musings though is, do they ask those folks who do the movie trailers pertinent questions?

To me movie trailers are just about the mood line. And have explained mood line maybe best here.

Those movie trailer folks for movies impress me much more now as have my own entertainment science, and finally realize how hard it is what they do.

Regardless, movie industry will be ok. There are still big movies which are doing great at the box office, and reality is, just as I said, with pickier audiences for whatever reason, the ones who can adjust will win.

And audiences will win because audience rules. Where yeah, other thing is that with the web, we can STILL do ok, with streaming options to get best entertainment we want WHEN we want, which is another pressure point on movies.

In our times, movies have to be on point where to me? Is so much about holding that mood line.

If they are on point? Audiences DO show up.

Oh, am working at trying to make money these days though. Mostly focused with new blog Seriously Commercial. So am available if some movie studios wanted to risk my novel ideas, and I'd be very reasonable! And would want to hang out with the people who yup, do the movie trailers.

Those folks and me might be closer to speaking the same language, like to think. But what do I know?

Am not in the entertainment industry. Looking at from a distance like most folks.

James Harris

Thursday, October 19, 2017

Static nature and truth

There are those words that can take on different meanings with technology, and for many static became associated with noise associated with certain systems. Where the point in that context was the randomness of those systems was unchanging. Static means, not changing. But it has the added meaning in our times of being noisy to many.

For me the word then has a fascinating applicability to something that IS important in that truth is important as to how it does not change. Like if a person robs a bank. Either that person did or did not rob the bank. If that person did rob the bank--that truth does not change.

Where picked a criminal example deliberately. As one philosophical problem in the US can be where people do not believe there is such a thing as truth. They will actually tell you that everything is shades of grey, but if that person goes and robs a bank, do you think that may work at all in defense?

Our personal perception can be one thing, but how our fellow human beings react to us, can be another.

In questions of truth, the unchanging quality of truth is extremely useful in my opinion. Which helps in determining whether you are witnessing a truth, or an opinion.

In my opinion, many people may be one thing, but I can learn that opinion is wrong, and change it.

But in truth, we are all human beings, which is a question for science, which has determined that with extraordinary certainty, which arrived with the science of genetics.

Our opinions in that regard though can affect human behavior, while the truth can effect better behavior, as the truth can lead to better interactions with our fellow human beings.

Those two words are so similar, and wonder would it make a difference to say, can effect human behavior? Yup. It FEELS different which is an opinion, as write here now. But is it a truth?

Static actually has fascinating properties in the context of physics, which I know as have a degree in that area and remember the training. Was an odd thing for me, which is emotion on which I reflect here, as my view of static was shifted. And is interesting to understand those properties, which can take over a word, for many.

Does it even feel right to say truth has a static nature? Or go against the grain?

Questions can open doors to perception am sure. So much about what we believe, how we believe, and from where our belief arrives.

The truth does not care. Like if you rob that bank and wish your fellow humans to dismiss what you call the noise of testimony against you, which you might claim as just so much static. The judge may look at you wondering, what planet you think you're on.

And render judgement which will change your life, whether you think is shades of grey or not.

With philosophical discussions maybe, later in your prison cell, where will the truth lie?

That is so harsh as an ending. It is interesting though that static shifted in our times probably because with radio static it was just this noise. And radio was a big deal. Oh and static on television too, which probably is where most get that sense of it being about noise.

There also is a truth: the reality of how many people experience a word in our times, for which have adjusted.

James Harris

Why knowledge rules

The discovery that a person can produce a mathematical argument that looks correct by long accepted rules, which can be shown to not be correct by those same rules is remarkable, if true.

Consider also that a world routinely accepts that the knowledge does not exist to keep computer systems from routinely being breached, with massive flows of freed information as a result.

What if the actual answer though is that a subtle flaw allowed people who lacked ability to be put in a position to secure the world's systems? Then would not be much of a surprise.

Evaluating such a scenario presumably would require VAST amounts of expertise well beyond most people. And is the kind of arena where governments play.

However can still show you why knowledge rules, as imagine you're in an airplane, and you learn that the pilot is well-trained but the co-pilot is a fraud. And things are ok, until the pilot becomes incapacitated.

Knowledge rules because there are any number of situations where that person you need, needs to have valid information, which is useful knowledge and be able to use it.

One problem we can have in societies is when systems get vast enough that there is not enough checking of authority at all points, where knowledge rules. And plenty of people can believe odd things, like maybe anyone can actually do the job of the American president? Why not? If you can get elected, what more do you really need to know?

Yet, if our current American president screws up enough you may die in a nuclear blast. And your awareness of this reality does not change it.

The fate of humanity may be simply to mostly die, stupid.

Now then, do you understand better why knowledge rules? Have a nice day. Where ever you may be in this world, there are decisions to be made which will affect you, whether you wish it or not.

So much better if the people making those decisions? Know what they're doing.

Talking obvious things. There is a weird thing in the US though which I call a distorted feudal echo.

Some people have a distorted view that somehow some kind of class has a right to positions, even if that is stated as against American ideals. But even in feudal times, people actually in charge, like maybe a regent, were expected to know what they were doing.

Importance of being able to function well with authority is as old as humanity actually.

James Harris

Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Other possibilities

Of course there could be other explanations, which would be preferred for how things have gone, which would NOT require some suppression or anything from number theorist at NSA or anywhere else. Which would be great.

I could be an interesting guy with a lot of imagination who draws global interest with some interesting things.

What I know for sure? The math things ARE valid. But how does a person without a math degree get that kind of thing recognized? Probably not babbling about it on the web, one would think from a 20th century perspective. Though yeah, have sent to mathematicians and DID get a paper published, where then the math journal keeled over and died, after chief editor tried to pull the paper.

THAT was most dramatic thing though. And have at least tried to get the attention of the NSA as these things could, maybe, possibly have national security importance. But why would they listen to me given all of the above? Even if they bothered to check?

Reality is, got some things that draw interest from all over the planet which I know from Google web analytics, but not much else. There are some coincidental things too over a lot of time, I guess.

Yet still get stuck with, how could anything that vast stay hidden? Makes no sense. And if there were some kind of suppression thing, wouldn't they have looked at something simpler by now, like simply getting rid of me? (Don't like writing THAT down.)

Not like that would be hard. Which again leads to the theory that maybe is just a lot of HARD getting certain things noticed. And yeah, am glad am still here! Near as I can tell, free to babble on too.

Which is a relief I assure you. The things I worry over and then worry about worrying over.

Who knows. Will admit though, prefer the scenario where just have to get the information to the right people, you know? Would be so much better am sure.

Yeah, but how to know? So much information I don't have. With no clue how to get it.

Will focus on what I DO know, with a faith that the answers will reveal, in time. There has to be a reason for how things have gone. Is just a matter of finding the truth.

James Harris

Perfect relationship excuse

So yeah when you have credible reason to believe people working all over the world in high level positions, including number theorists at intelligence agencies, may not exactly like you, is not exactly a situation which is conducive to being out there looking for a significant other. When I'm a good guy who just happened to figure some important and valuable things out, and stumbled across...sounds like a movie plot.

Is kind of interesting though to consider trying to explain to a woman who might be interested. Will admit have in the past had some potentials where is not like got far will say.

And you have no choice. Is real situation. Would HAVE to explain if things got far enough. And yeah that could definitely be important to someone, you know?

Is like living in a movie, but real. And will admit that movies often just aren't exciting enough to me any more. And movies about certain subjects, especially involving intelligence agencies, am like, that's not realistic. Or that wouldn't happen. Or he could totally have handled that different. And yeah, I know is JUST a movie. Haven't watched any like that in a bit. Maybe is too close to home. One of my favorites though, despite it being utterly unrealistic? Mercury Rising

Another one maybe more realistic, and also one of my favorites: Enemy of the State

Those are classics though. And feel like distracted myself.

Does keep your life simpler though. Oh, um when it comes to relationships at least. Other ways? Not so much. Like when in San Francisco, unlike other people was on the lookout for agents of our country or foreign powers. Though also totally just wish someone from the US Government would come around and say hi. But already detailed how have bugged them...wrong, have contacted repeatedly in the past.

Is NOT fun not being sure that woman talking to you in the bar may or may not be an intelligence agent. NOT fun. These days, I figure, of course not. Some thought maybe. Now am like, well if so, who cares, didn't do anything to me. So no, of course not.

(Oh yeah, for people who knew me in San Francisco? Now some of my behavior may make more sense if you read this blog. Or then again, may just seem even more wacky.)

Of course if right woman had come along, and found myself in a conversation, where needed to explain, and after asking smart questions, and checking me on things, she was like, cool--that would have been great. Of course then she could be part of a life where you're wondering every single day, if something interesting is going to happen. Kind of glad though just have to worry about myself, and not also about possible things...which don't have to concern me as didn't happen.

Is like living in a movie...more like multiple movies all going at the same time. So yeah, have found myself not surprisingly VERY single which hadn't wanted to admit. But now is like, why not? Talking everything else lately.

James Harris

Out of my comfort zone

There are things I believe them after I write them. And even for me for a lot of years has been this sense that hey, if you have all this important information which is valuable knowledge should be able to DO something with it, effective to resolve things.

Which makes sense to me.

And also completely legal, and decent where with details which would be out there eventually, people would be like, cool!

Which is an interesting standard, I think.

Now out of my comfort zone and writing some things to get that sense of yup, that's the way it is.

Am glad for the ideals around the process. THAT at least is still comforting.

Posts may still go through editing, like usual. However, am putting it on myself to leave them up, and to keep the gist intact.

Just some things I need to face. And some things I need to get done.

Have been careful. Have done my due diligence.

James Harris

Considering steps taken

Can be hard to be sure when trying to do your own best with a difficult situation as to whether steps taken are best ones, or what should be done, or not. And with things stretching over decades which involve others can get especially difficult.

In my situation where have given a LOT more in plenty of posts as try to work through it in a way that has worked well for me in the past, have often been surprised when systems didn't work way I thought they should. And when people have not behaved as expected with information.

Given how dramatic much of it is, is useful to talk through some of the steps taken, as well as to document.

So have revealed that first thought had some important mathematics which should be put out there in 1996, which was rejected as too simple where I stopped there. That is, I only sent to one math journal, but could have continued though do not regret that, as later with more research, actually got published and watched as a math journal imploded where have talked details in other areas.

And found was facing a systemic problem with global implications which didn't realize then would be grappling with over a decade later.

Have sent communications to various mathematicians, being careful to stay in their subject area, which yeah, also meant was going to number theorists who may have been negatively impacted. But with my prime number counting method, meant contact with some of the leading researchers in the area. Am good at reaching people. They just didn't react with enthusiasm, or help required.

Got upset enough at one point looking at implications actually contacted a US Attorney. And not sure which one. Maybe was New York? Got a polite response in essence was, out of their area.

Have contacted the NSA, multiple times. And eventually dawned on me, not really a good idea, you know? They've always been polite when I could get through. Last time did went through public affairs folks, who forwarded message into the agency.

Have not contacted the US Congress on this issue. Guess kind of figured, what's the point?

And have had various levels of upset or calm through the years on the web, where am sure the evidence is out there. And lately focused more on objective evidence, stacked overwhelmingly as simply as possible.

Meanwhile have routinely watched global events which may be related. Watching news especially about security breaches which may be related. Endlessly noting things explained in a way that no one looks closely at underlying systems for security, while recognizing I really don't know if that is where problem lies.

There is much dramatic which does not go easily into a blog post. As I've developed intellectual things have been testing them out in various ways. So no, don't just have ideas for entertainment or science.

To me is an impasse. Which would just as soon not have continue and have put pressure on myself to end it.

But imagine if one of the world's greatest discoverers had been developing intellectual tools for over a decade, with a direct connect to the planet on the web, is in a weird battle with people who are defending their jobs, with many in top level security positions all over the planet.

Would you want to get in the way? If so, you should not. Stay out of this fight. But I want you to understand it.

Because they don't have a chance to win.

Am not asking for your help. Am giving you a chance to understand somewhat, if things go badly in ways I cannot control.

To me, is the right thing to do. Soon, will just get it done, consequences be what they may.

Human progress does not like being held back. I'm the agent put in to do the job, and I have lots of leeway.

And must also follow rules. So you have been notified. Freeing me for next steps.

Public notification complete.

Seems really wacky to me. But is also why is taking as long as it has. There are other things I can do, which are legal. Don't get too excited. In essence talking using my influence more directly than in the past.

However, moving into uncharted territory.

To put it another way, to protect the human species?

Yeah, maybe someone like me is giving a bit more than most might realize, which should be good! And I DO have to follow rules. So many rules have to follow. Is a good thing.

Regardless, even with all those rules, and having to keep it legal, and so much more, turns out there is a lot more can do. But still had to notify, by the rules, as well, maybe some things could get out of control. But have studied situation for years, and have back up plans and things.

So here we go. By my analysis there is a 99% probability of success, with minimal negative global impact.

Which is great! A decade ago was only 50% and you don't want to know any more.

I'll take the current odds.

So then, is time to switch modes. For the first time, to really test out some these things I have.

Will be interesting. Just watch the news. You don't even have to pay attention to me.

James Harris